bagseed grow just about to flower? (pics)

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    1 plant of bag seed hows it looking about to sex soon any help, thanks!?

    I topped the top a week ago and it's looking good after we transferred to the 5 gal pale

    First pic is that exact plant a few weeks earlier...

    ((((((WELL IT'S BEEN EATEN :/ not much more i can do....... good luck with your grows GC.......

    PICS OF EATEN PLANT ON SECOND PAGE think it can grow?????

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  2. great looking plant.. dude but I dont see any pre flowers.. give us a closer pic on nodes..

  3. I know i took them at night so the camera was kind of sucking, tomorow i'll try to get better ones! :eek:
  4. any comments/tips guys?
  5. looks good.
    people are very slept on when it comes to seeds.
    ive grown some of the best shit with seeds.
    yours looks good. did you top it?
    it looks topped.
    hope u get a good yeild

  6. Yeah i did top it, and thanks!
  7. Dank shit dude

  8. thanks bro!
  9. Looks good. What type of lighting schedule is it on?

  10. it's on the earth's light cycle :p
  11. Going to get some new pics in about 20 minutes!
  12. Some newer pics i got a little blurry but its getting bigger each day!

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  13. Was this plant started outdoors? How many days old is she?

  14. started inside and brought outdoors about a month ago she's about 2 months old
  15. Hey man, thanks for the reply. Nice bagseed plant yourself! It looks like a delicious soon-to-be smoked green. What type of soil are you using? And you should know its sex after 2 months!

    Are you planning on any LST or scrog? what is the plan?
  16. it would be a little late to start LSTing and probably a little late to ScrOG as well. LST is best when it starts happening 3 or 4th node in
  17. do you have a link of a guide on here explaining LST in depth?
  18. That's the guide I used for my grow it's definitely worked terrific thus far. It's super easy too this was my first time using LST.
  19. TERRILE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Went out to check my plant and all of the fucking leaves are gone bite marks all over it was going to take it in because of the bad weather :( :( :( :( :(

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