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Bagseed grow any guesses what type?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tandjs, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. A bag seed grow ill keep posting pics under cfl need help sexing and guesses on the strain type are very much apreciated :rolleyes:
  2. Day 8 of bagseed under 2 26 wat cfls

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  3. Pretty healthy looking plant. Sorry but no good guesses on strain.
  4. Isn't it how it's grown that determines the end result? Dunno, heard it mentioned somewhere.:cool:
  5. probably an indica strain cause it's more bushy and leaves arnt skinny. but u will won't know the exact strain. smoke is smoke, who cares right?
  6. Im pretty sure that the way its grown doesnt determine whether its indica/sativa. The way its grown only determines quality.
  7. its probably this strain I used to get all the time called "who the fuck knows"
    pretty good shit most of the time
  8. But that would be the breed of the seed, not the strain...Wouldn't it?:cool:
  9. Plant genetics folks....big factor in the final product.
  10. Just threw some in my tomato garden! Haha not really expecting anything just curious :)

  11. lol you just fucked my mind..
  12. Also leaves in 3 wtf lol im sure shes healthy tho running 2 26 wat cfls just curious on strain for selln later hmmmm anyone wanna help name her :smoke: its my first grow so im excited ill keep postn pics on this every day so stay tuned

  13. Thanks for the help:)

  14. Consider yourself lucky. That's usually not the only thing Oscar fucks. ;]
  15. You can't guess the type of marijuana by looking at it, other then a simple indica/sativa determination when it gets later in the grow. Rest assured, most bagseed is good stuff grown poorly, if you do a good job on the grow you'll get some good stuff.
  16. #16 BloodLust, Aug 10, 2011
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    Fucking Nathan for the win with a smartass comment.

    OP beware, Oscar now knows you have a live marijuana plant, he is now en-route to your location.

    I would suggest fortifying your house, if you have a flat top roof put sandbags around the edges. You may want to put a Browning .50cal in one of the sandbag machine gun slots.
  17. Thats a mid strain, idk y thts just wat it looks like, mayb beasters but srsly theres no way to tell if its even a female yet
  18. #18 Tandjs, Aug 11, 2011
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    I know its a bit early but I just noticed these do they look male or female? Also todays pic!

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  19. you shitting bro? were gonna need a full grown, vegged plant with fat colas to determine its genetics. Sometimes you probably even couldnt even guess, but theres some strains that have certain looks/tastes/smells/highs.. that you could actually narrow it down to a few strains that similarly describe your plant :smoking:
  20. #20 Tandjs, Aug 11, 2011
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    ok chadddd its my first grow didnt know! Ull have to come blaze sum of the final product and tell me what u think it is:smoke::smoke:

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