bagseed grow advice an input apprecitated

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  1. hey new to this forum im from grasscity an another member told me about the extensive knowledge an experinced growers on here so i had to check it out an it is truenot saying theirs not the same thing on grasscity just alot more questions being asked instead of anwsered. but useful marujiana knoweldge is vass, an everywhere want to get better sort of a micro grow im am using regular potting soil an shultz 10-15-10 nutes have given them one feeding so far right after transplanting from solo cups to permeant home about 3 days ago barerly any transplant shock, shot up over night,lights just came back on have them on 18/6 cycle prolly till about next week an will start 12/12 cycle kinda chepa grow setup have 2 13 watt cfl 1 32 watt 2700k cfl, 2 32 watt 6400k cfl going dont have any ph equipment i know :( i should but just wasnt thinking about it everytime i go to the hardware store will be getting one soon tho, i have attached pictures there approximently 3 weeks old an just was wondering how do you think their look they are bagseeds so you never really know dealing with bagseedsi know i have aheard it before but just wanted some feedback an input from experinced growers

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