Bagseed Flowering Pics

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  1. So my 6 foot plant started flowering the other day and the pistols are still really small but just thought id give u guys a look so u can check it out. This plant is from a bagseed thats been in the ground since the beginning of April. Let me know what u guys think!!!!!

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  2. nobody????
  3. Wish I could actually see the whole plant but if this is all there is it's... not too bad, has really nice colour.
  4. Looks healthy. like how the leafs stick up like that.
  5. 6 ft? Wow. Post some pics of the whole plant. What bloom nutes do you have lined up?
  6. Im not using any nutes. Only molasses every other week starting about 2 weeks ago!!

  7. Some shots of the whole plant and one with me standing next to it. The third pic is finally a good bud shot!!

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  8. Absolutely beautiful bro! If you don't mind me asking, why no nutes? As a newer grower I'm curious. Thanks!

  9. To be honest this is my first outdoor grow and i had baught nutes, planning on using them from the second month on, but she started growing so big i figured i might as well just let it go :rolleyes:. But now i love that this has been an all organic grow and I am only going to use molasses from now on and see how it does :D
  10. I'm going with the botanicare lineup. Flower and hydroplex.
  11. Thats cool Ice - trying it 100% natural is cool as hell. I haven't nuted my plants much this year, only a few times. I too am using the botonicare bloom nutes for soil plants this year.
  12. Does the lawn get fed?
  13. Looks killer. Nce and healthy with prancing leafs.

  14. Thanks a lot man!
  15. U some organic nuits. It will make the bids come out alot denser an more resin. If u have them y not uses them. Just don't fees one of them an see if u notice a difference
  16. The buds on my plants look just like the ones on yours. Similar sized plants. Now we get to watch them grow :)

  17. Dang... if you would have used nutes.... :))))
    Sexxy plant tho bro.
  18. Thanks for the comments everyone! :hello: and just a little update in case anyone is still looking at this....

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  19. i like that u went the organic way. wont be med. grade... or will it?? lols

  20. To be honest I have no clue, I got the seed from a random baggie of weed but its lookin pretty good so all I can do is wait and hope :p

    Also attached is a picture of the nuts a originally got for indoor but they have directions for outdoor also. Let me know what you guys think about this....

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