Bagseed dried and cured

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  1. Here is a bud from a bagseed I grew out. Unknown strain but It is some Killer smoke!

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  2. Another shot

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  3. Great looking buds herb. Makes me confident about the bagseed I'm growing right now. What kind of light setup did you use?
  4. I vegged under florous. for 6 weeks then flowered under 250w hps for 6 weeks. heres a shot of another bagseed
  5. oops forgot pic

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  6. Been flowering for 20 days

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    <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">Bagseed?! Shit! I wish I could get bags that looked like that... that looks like something that came off a christmas wreath... Where are you located? Probably outside the U.S., or on a coast?
    Send some of those greens my way! [​IMG]
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  8. Man, I'm just going to have to start growing.

    Those flowers look very nice indeed! :D

    Wouldn't mind a couple dozen dozen.

    Gonna have to study up.
  9. Those buds are beautiful. With crystals like that you are sure to get a great high.

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