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  1. hello, this is an 11 day old plant so almost 2 weeks in  veg, i have 2 40watt (actual watts 200w equivalent) 
    day light bulbs on it as well as a 2700k 75w bulb (random lightbulb i found). its in a 2 gallon pot and i give it a water bottle every 2-3 days. 
    -the leaves are a bit yellow and the plant isn't as big as some other plants i've seen in their 2nd week of "vegging"".. pics
    shrivel.JPG compared to this other 2 week plant (didn't have any lighting just used sunlight by window) lol


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    not really going for maximum yield just enough for personal use. how is my plant lookin? any advice on nutes/watering(toomuch?), and lighting? will the 2700k light put my plant into flowering? 160 watts total, the 40wat bulbs are HOOJ. oh ya, had all the lights on from 1st day , is tht too much? this plant is much stockier and overall better looking than the last one.
  3. also i have a radiator next to the cabinet im growing in, do plants do better under humind/hot temps? like how outdoor plants do in jamica and stuff
  4. Your second one looks great.

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    You want your new plants 72 day and 66 nights. A young plants humidity should be about 60-65 rh when you bud you want them temps to be the same but lower the rh to 30-45

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  6. so basically veg for 2 months then flower ? thts changing light cycle to 12/12 rite? i have my plant on 24/0 atm, also what can i expect to yield, its bagseed of sum kush and dont rlly plan on using "nutes" just water/ light i have em on. what nutes help ALOT with yield or not necessary
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    the two bottom leaves, the one that pop out wen the seedling first sprout are completely yellow as well as sum of the fan leaves have yellow tint.does it mean overwatering if the fan leaves are getting yellow? if so just let it dry out? or keep fan close?
  8. Have u put any nutes in?

    " That's what I thought. NERD! "
  9. no just used miracle grow potting soil, i think tht has nutes enuf for veg cycle i think...
  10. I'm having a little grow like you aswell. It's my first time
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    tryna keep grow simple, anyone know what i can expect to yield with 400 total equivalent watts (says only uses 40, 2x bulbs), water, and no nuttes? also wen in flowering wud adding nutes help alot and wut nutes wud i need? first weed plant so just wana get as much yield as possible with least trouble. o ya, also have a 75 watt 2700k soft light next to plant so 160 total actual watts?
  12. The lights need to be much closer. The 2700k emits red spectrum. Bettwr for flower. You need 6500k with blue spectrum for veg. $20 on amazon you can get 2 cfl 6500k. They worked starting my girls out. They're actually photography lights. Also here is mine at 11 days with metal halide. A bit over watered at the moment but that's be in fixed lol this one is berry bomb

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    yes i have 2 40 actual watt 6500k light bulbs on plants about 4 inch away is tht enuf?, shud they b closer? also any1 kno how much you can yield with lightage i have? bagseed of sum unknown kush + 160 watts of total lighting including the 2700k one bulb. plant seems to b growing fine, no added nutes, mite try adding sum in flowering stage but not sure how to add nutes or even wut type of nutes to add. also is there anyway to tell if the bud is going to be sativa or indica / hybrid by how plant looks wen in flowering stage or veg
  14. I'd say move them as close as possible. It'll help prevent that stretching.
    I ha e the fox farm trio. It's about $50 but it'll last a year or more. It's good from week one up to harvest. Comes with a feeding schedule. I usually cut that in half. It says 6 tsp. I use only 2 or 3. Just to see how they take it
  15. no nutes needed to grow a kush bagseed? i can just water/ keep lighting on em 24/0 and theyll grow fine? even in flowering no nutes needed? just change to 12/12? anyone know? atm they r looknig rlly good, alot more nodes and growth as well as stems with fan leaves, the plant is small atm but i think it mite be a sativa, not sure. i heard plants grow 3x larger in flowering stage.
  16. also more lightage = more yield? the 2 40wat 6500k bulbs + the 75watt 2700k bulb = ~160actual wattage total. 
  17. bump for 420 :hello:  :hello:  views!  :hello:
  18. Check out the stickies at the top of the page, it may take you an hour or three but if you read them or just search them for specific questions it will all come together for ya.
  19. is there anyway to hasten growth? ill add sum update pics l8r also anyone had a successful bagseed grow of dank and know how much bud they got off it?  currently have 80 watts of 6500k on em and i leave 2700k on every 18ish hrs? bulb gets vry hot.   also wud adding nutes wen in flowering stage increase yield alot?

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