Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

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  1. got my fingers crossed hoping its a female, we don't want no balls!

    my girl has been thrown into "better late than never panic scrog'ing" cause shes shooting up into the lights and getting burned like crazy, dont think i'll be able to get it under control with as big as she is though, so i'm counting on you, ock, and sly to pull through with some beauties

  2. blayz, if it's a last resort, just make a few clones of your mother and start from there.

  3. I had an aussie mate that used to say that all the time :) *rimshot*

    Yeah he'd say something like that, too :D

    Nah...he never said that...well, this one time..., but other than that, never.

    Ok, I'm pretty sure I can scrog a chick even if she's shooting up and getting burned. How 'bout you Sly? Fuck...what are we talking about again? :smoking: (can you tell?)

    Gimme an hour and I might have advice on what you're REALLY talking about :p
  4. I guess that's what happens when Ock posts high out of his mind haha.
  5. Wow I want some of whatever he is smoking! Wow

  6. This. Never know what you're gonna get :)

    As for getting burned in the lights, (and now that I know wtf it is) a late entry of a screen wouldn't technically be a scrog, but it would enable you to keep your shit from getting burned.
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    I had a very similar setup and same "problem" with the little girls being so short but insane growth of nodes. I just let them do their own thing and after about a month from seed, they started to stretch out, then I started my Topping, LST, and SCROG. My only complaint is that I believe the topping of them slowed the growth down. Not too bad but definately noticable. But I also went a bit overboard with it. I'd top the main, then wait for 2 or 3 new nodes on each new "stalk" then top again, and again and so on. That's why I was kinda forced into the SCROG. My next indoor grow I'll do the same, minus the topping as much. And if you still are worried about the short stature of her, you can try backing her off the lights and make her work for it. And just a little tid bit of knowledge, I've always been told that they usually double size once you put her into flower. So, if you start 12/12 at 1 foot tall, then she'll be around 2 feet when she's ready. I can't say for sure if that's completely true but I've read it in several places. Congrats on the grow and keep up the good work.
  8. That whole "double in size" thing is irrelevant when it comes to LST because you can always do more. But thanks for the info regardless. My plant is looking really great but I'm nearly positive it's a male :(
  9. WHY!!!!!
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  11. Yep. It's a male. I've been too pissed to post about it the past few days but it gave me time to think. Time to figure out a way where this can still benefit us. I kinda wasted all your time with this, but i wanted to make it worth while, so here's my idea. I will use my plant to attempt ANYTHING you guys would like to see tried with a plant for the sake of you all not having to try it yourselves. Anything at all, you guys name it, I'll try it and show you the outcome. This should be a learning experience for us all. Here's some pics of it and the clone i just cut from a bottom node and stuck in straight moist soil under a CFL with no hormones.

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    Buy a Fem tho!

    Always wondered if it would work for mj
  13. Yes! I will do it with the new clone once it roots.

  14. make some hash
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    Will it make good hash since it barely showed sex? I would just bag it, tag it, and start a new grow. Pollen can stay in a room and mess up your next grow by pollinating your girls
  16. I don't see much else you can do with a male plant, unless you want to make seeds.
    It probably wouldn't be great hash, but hash nonetheless.
    Maybe you should just can it.
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    I second the canning! Make sure to tie the bag closed right away tho in case a pollen sack opens while its in the trash. Tie the bag and throw it out
  18. Crappola. Sorry it's a bro, bro.

    Here's the good news. I know someone that will have a clone able mother by the time you roll into the Ego of Sandiness :) Interested in growing a strain that's rated at 19% THC? Hell, you'll likely get to try the product before you decide lol.

    That's what the Blade Network gets ya :)
  19. Blade network?

  20. Yeah - if you think about it, we're a network of growers - the Grass City Blade Network. For those times when it helps to know someone where you're going :)

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