Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by SFV, May 3, 2011.

  1. Ugh man, what a nightmare :/

    I'm going out of town for 4 days - ain't nobody touchin' the girls.
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    Dito mi amigo. I'd be too worried all the time
  3. glad to see the recovery went well :yay:

    these girls are resilient for sure
  4. Thanks blayz. Any changes in your grow?
  5. Just did some more LST this morning. Mainly for the lower nodes, but its also conserving some space. :smoke:

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  6. i topped my girl but then realized that the branches coming from the lower nodes had already grown out to the side and then upwards to about the same height as the main stem so i've pretty much decided theres no way this grow will work in my pc case

    still probably another 4-5 days before i can get a timer and switch to 12/12, i'll probably post some pics tonight, i'm gonna go as far as i can with it either way, i'll update tonight
  7. Why not just LST the branches that came up in opposite directions? When they turn back up, you can just top them and repeat the process until you flower.

  8. Holy shit, you pulled her through.

  9. i'll have to look into doing that, i was thinking there wasn't much room for me to try to secure strings to the edges of my res since its so thin and almost right against the edge of the box, but thinking about it i could probably just tape some strings to the top of the res and that should be enough to atleast pull them away from the lights, good idea we'll see if we can make this situation work out! :smoke:
  10. I was in the same spot considering my pot is ceramic and i can't put a hole it it, so i used electrical wire (better than strings in my opinion) and some, well, I don't know exactly what they're called but you'll know what i mean, here's some pics.

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  11. I'm all in! Glad to learn from your grow!

  12. Try some Heavy string. e.g. speaker wire or #18 wire or yarn.
    Use the weight of the unattached string to help bend the plant.
  13. I tied string/twine around my pot and I anchor my paper clips to it! Since the twine is twisted if bend the end like a "J" and pierce the twine the anchor won't move.
  14. I bought these at the suggestion of TheWaterBoy, and they RULE!

    Velcro Strips

    They work best with smartpots, but it's velcro - it'll work with anything. And because you're micro, you may want to find something a little narrower if possible, but...all I can say is these suckers are gentle on the plants and they're easy to shift around.

    There'll be pics on my thread tonight of these things in use.
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    I think I'm going to go pick some up after I see how you're using them. I'm curious

  16. I like the idea Ock, thanks. But how would i go about attaching them to a ceramic pot? Would I just keep using binder clips around the edges and just lace the velcro through?
  17. you can buy strips of velcro that are sticky on one side so you can just attach them to your ceramic pot. Id imagine it would stick
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    Im going to have to try this out. I use wire coat hangers that I hook to the branch and onto the pot
  19. I'd do what Landeye says above. Go get a couple yards of the "bristle" side of the velcro that has a peel off backing. Cut a little piece and stick it wherever you need to anchor the strap. Oughta be dirt cheap.
  20. Alrighty then. I'll probably start with that method next time i can get to the local hardware store. I just did some more LST with my wire technique so I'll probably do an update of that in about an hour when they turn up completely :smoke:

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