Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)

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  1. I'm not sure about the transplanting yet. Probably going to do it 3 days before I top if i do. Lets let her get some height first. The roots are coming out of the bottom, but the idea of the wide shallow pot was to get them grow outwards.

  2. That kind of prompts a question that's been rising in my mind. When you top, you basically wind up with two main stems. How are you going to LST the two stems? Two concentric spirals around your pot? I was thinking of fimming, but if it worked, I'd have 4 stems to try to LST together...maybe that isn't an issue but it seems like it might get crowded.
  3. Dude, no matter what you will NOT end up with concentric spirals. Some branches will grow faster than others and it WILL get crowded as hell. Atleast did on my last ( :mad: ) grow... I had shit going every which way that had to be re positioned daily.....

  4. Sly that's what I kind of figured, so the question in my head is is it better to just fim instead of top and let everything go chaotic with 4 main stems instead of two?
  5. lots of things can cause those slight twisted leaves but check your Ph first! that will do it for sure
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    I'm not doing neither, just training.... the eldest branches will BECOME your new tops
  7. I topped mine and made clones out of the tops
  8. grows lookin nice SFV. looks like ur plants have some serious potential. but if your gonna stay in such a small space i would top fairly soon. one thing awesome about CFL's is low heat... however the downfall is that it has to be that way because you need your plant within 2-3 inches of the lights... i noticed a pretty big difference when i put my plant as close as possible. I'll for sure be lurkin.
  9. Thanks for stopping by dude. I'll probably top today. It's just hard when those five bladed leaves are just starting to show. I already have at least 8 sets of nodes coming out of the stock on a three inch plant. it's kind of ridiculous.
  10. That's a funny but cool problem. So you can't get them, say an inch farther FROM the light so that they stretch a little for ya? 8 nodes on 3 inches is some crazy shit :D
  11. haha every time the parallel branches come out on a new set of leaves, a little purple node comes out from every direction. there's probably going to be twelve nodes in a couple days its too funny. I'll try to get a picture later today for you guys. I think the lst did it and that slowing of growth was the energy going to all these new little growths.

  12. That sounds logical to me. Looking forward to seeing this one :)
  13. Annnnd topped ;)

    kept some souvenirs :rolleyes:

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    You'll need to do some serious LST
  15. looks good, cant wait to see the new growth a week from now
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    Me either! I remember my babies exploded with new growth when I topped them. I used the tops as clones
  17. Lookin good bro. Looking forward to the updates!
  18. Just keep it up.
    Im enjoying your Grow

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    Dito mi amigo
  20. Ok guys and gals, I realize it's been a while, but tragedy has struck, and I pulled a rescue. I learned a valuable lesson: When going out of town for a few days, never ask a lady friend to watch your baby girl. I'm not sure what had happened exactly, because by what she told me, things should have been okay. However, I came home to a wilted (on the verge of death) girl with burnt leaves, a crispy touch, and struggling growths. I had to act fast, and that I did. I pulled an emergency transplant removing bad roots, and watered her nicely. Within about twelve hours, things were looking much better. The fan was definitely not helping my case, so i turned that bitch off. The heat was way too high in the box too, so some ice in jars and on the soil came into play to lower temps and add humidity. Here's some pictures in fairly chronological order. Thanks for sticking with me people.

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