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    ok guys just want a lil feed back of what u think about this and maybe ill have some questions for u also!!!

    light lst

    small cfl closet grow...

    no nutes tap water and mg soil....

    week 9

    week 3 of flower...



  2. Any way to figure out strain?
  3. need a dna test.
    looks like a hybrid thow either 50/50 or indica dom
  4. Got a question. My top main buds are doin good , pistels are turning amber. But those lil tiny buds all over seem to be taking longer. Now when i harvest do i wait till they are all done or worry boit the main buds?
  5. new pics coming soon
  6. the bottom nugs will always take longer. some people chop the top of the plant and let the bottom nugs go a little longer. but how long are you in flower now. should be like 8 weeks min
  7. We are going in week 6 now!
  8. It looks that good in MG soil with no feeding? I'm at a loss for words. Well done sir!
  9. Yea mg garden soil for veg then some organic coco stuff for the switch. Still no ph balancing just tap water! And no nutes 100% organic grow with cfl setup!
  10. I'm impressed, rock on guys! The soonest I know of plants being ready is 6 weeks of flowering, but 8 is the norm. Get a little handheld microscope and look at the trichomes. I forget where I found mine, but it's a much better way to tell than by pistils.
  11. looks amazing for a cfl grow and no ph balancing
  12. Thank ypu!
  13. a little scope at radio shack is like $16 for a 60-100 power.
  14. Yea this week i have to get one she should be ready soon!
  15. Hey nice plant I'm fixing to start growing and can't find Any top name soil brands in my store besides MG my question is what kind of MG are you using and does it have the time release nuets. And do you think 4 26watt 6500k cfls could grow 1 or 2 plants for clones and veg state?
  16. Yea i just ise the plain ol garden soil, it has timed released nutes but never seemed to affect the plant. In flower i then switched to a organic coco type soil. Needed more soil but didnt want a 25lb bag of the mg so i grabed a lil 5 lb bag of organic.

    As for lights i started with four cfls not sure on rating 65w ? And then added about 6 more bulbs during flower. I dont think 10 bulbs is required but figured it wouldnt hurt!
  17. definitely a 50/50 hybrid
  18. Thanks for the reply.
    Just got down with my set up hope my lady's turn out like this.

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