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  1. Flowering day 2

    This is my first grow. Using 5 23 watt 6500k bulbs and one 42 watt 2700k bulbs. I will be adding some 2700k bulbs soon and replacing some of the 6500s. Transplanted the big plant into fox farms ocean forest about a month ago and started the other one out in it. The bigger plant is about 1.5 ft tall and lstd and the othe is about 1 foot with no training. Big one has pistils on all the budsites and the other started showing them a couple days ago. Dont have a ph pen or nutes which i plan on getting soon just dont have much spending money atm. Which one i
    Should i invest in first? And what kind of nutes are good for organic soil?

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  2. Have access to a grow shop or hydroponics store?
  3. Also, how old are the plants?

    How close do you keep the lights?
  4. No access to a hydro shop. Been getting all my supplies onlin. The large plant is about 2 months and the small one a month. The lights are ablut an invh or two away from the plants
  5. What would be a good organic nute line to use for a beginner?
  6. Just go to Walmart and get some food plant that you can mix in with water. Get some of the miracle grow, which is the only option they have and it works pretty good with organic soil and it's pretty much as a standard food with nutrients. Good luck.
  7. NO MIRACLE GRO!!!!!!!!!
    Get yourself some fox farm nutes like tiger bloom and big bloom since you are already using the soil. Seriously no miracle gro though. It's to hard to manage since all miracle gro products lack magnesium. Something your plants need.
    I grew an all CFL grow last year and have started on a second. I used those nutes last year and got sweet results. This year I am also using the ocean forest soil, where as last year I used miracle gro organic soil.
  8. they loo a little overwatered. Be careful of that. I'd try a nute from fox farm.
  9. People don't know how to read. Yes fox farm is the best but he said he is pretty much in a budget. Plus there's nothing wrong with miracle grow. If it lacks on magnesium then you're doing something wrong. Any food nutrient can lack on anything if you're not doing right.

  10. No, miracle gro specifically lacks magnesium. I did all this last year. Researched it and all. Maybe look into what your saying before giving bad info. Miracle gro would work hut youd have to supplement Epsom salt for the mg your lacking. Fox farm for a quart bottle is about $20. Super easy on a budget. I grew on a tiny ass budget last year and got amazing results.
  11. There's got to be a nursery in your area, they carry dry organic nutrients, wormcastings, and perlite. Learn how to garden organically, it's a useful skill to have.

    You don't need a ph meter and 3 different solutions unless you're using bottled nutrients. Take the money you'd spend on all that and buy yourself some real organic soil amendments, save yourself a few bucks and a lot of problems down the road.

    that's my opinion, for what it's worth.
  12. What? Don't listen to this

    If your using organic soil, then just grab a bag of some granular organic fertilizer like espoma tomato tone or jobe's vegetable.
  13. Yes, jobe's is ok, way better alternative to miracle grow. You can find it at either lowes or walmart for like 10-15 bucks which about the same price as miracle grow
  14. Oooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrr spend $20 and get FOX FARM! :)
  15. I like the general organics set. It has worked great for me and no checking Ph. You can get it for about $40 for the go box that has everything to take you from seed to harvest. Pretty much the same price as the fox farms trio.
  16. I just ordered the general hydroponics flora series for 30 bucks on ebay. Came with floragrow florabloom and floramicro
  17. LOL.... hope you got some cash leftover for a ph meter, up/down, and calibration solution. Nothing organic in flora series

  18. Yeah, I'm gonna have to agree here mate. So when you go shopping for that stuff your best bet is going to be a nursery or like home depot. Check the garden center. Using fox farm nutes I never had a problem with ph. The miracle gro I used was the only reason I had a ph meter since the soil was mildly hot. Even then my ph never went above 7.2.

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