Bagseed buds not forming

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  1. hi I’ve got two random bagseed fuck around plants to play with

    They are 5 weeks into flower.. is there even going to be anything to smoke? My actual crop is a few weeks behind

    A736ADFE-93A6-4EE1-87CA-0E3A904F2B3E.jpeg 955BEE1B-E6FA-41A7-85F9-778459E56F22.jpeg

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  2. Maybe a sativa? Idk but good luck
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  3. They are probably just some crazy 14 to 24 week satvia's that truly love taking their sweet old time! But most are always so worth it, yum! I know all about that, as I have a 92 Kali Mist that never finishes before 22 weeks whether I do 12/12, 11/13, 10/14...
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  4. Yeah they are just quite stretched or a tall kind of plant...maybe they are sativa/dom?
    I wouldn't be too worried, they'll likely fill in between those sites.
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    Yes they are defiantly Sativa

    I was just wondering if it’s some mad 12 week strain and I flush at 8-10 then it’ll be a month no nutes? Lol is there a way to tell if it’s going to be a longer flower
  6. Thanks... I haven't SEEN a plant like that before.
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  7. look like male plants to me...

    if so, with that fan you have right behind it... gonna have more seeds to play with!
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    These will prob flower for 12 + weeks mate - Give her time
    Although the plant does look suspect, for being 5 weeks into flower.... Good luck
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  9. @PAULO1981 Hey buddy!!
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  10. Ha, @GrowerAnonymous My MAN! How you been mate? Long time...
    I'm back now mate, so will be good to catch up :) Hope ur good bro!
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  11. Looks like hemp to me. Did you smoke the bud they came from?
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  12. no lol it’s not hemp
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  13. Sorry but why is that suspect

    Shall I start flushing at 10 weeks then
  14. ha, just looks like minimal bud formation for 5 weeks but as i said mate - Sativa's flower forever, so i think patience is key now...!!! I would leave the flush later than 10 weeks but again, time will tell. Good luck fella.
  15. Im great dude, glad to see you around again!! Have been wondering how you was getting on.
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  16. All good thanks bro! Glad to be back!
    Just trying to figure out how i'm gonna dry my harvest in 25 degree heat (no A/C until etc.) I need 20 degrees max with 55 RH..... Should be fun :)
  17. I manage to dry a harvest when we had the heatwave what? 4 weeks back? Put my humidifier, intake and exhaust on.. outaide temps where like 28c but my drying temps where 18c-20c and 55-58rh was a nice 8day dry and the jaffa is serious pukka !!
  18. Kill it and grow a new one, heres mine at 5 weeks [​IMG]

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  19. What lights are you using?

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