Bagseed 2012 - 1st Grow

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  1. Hey so I started collecting bagseeds about a month and a half ago and I thought why not give growing a try. I'm not doing anything spectacular, mainly because I have very limited cash flow, but here's what I've got so far:

    11 Plants that are 1 week and 3 days old since breaking ground. These plants all have 1 set of true leaves and all have their next set growing. Originally I had thrown these seeds in a patch of dirt behind my house after germinating in jar with water for about 24 hours. At the time I believed they were immature seeds and wouldn't take but lo' and behold all 11 sprouted! :D Anyway, I'm planning on vegging another 4 weeks and inducing flowering in a light proof tent, then flowering for 70 days. I should mention that this is an outdoor grow and my soil medium is just plain topsoil from Lowes with nothing special in it. I'm planning on introducing nutes the first watering of the second week. Almost every plant except on has been moved to its final container: 3 5-gallon buckets, 4 2.5-gallon containers I fashioned from water containers, and 4 2-gallon buckets.

    I have 4 more plants that sprouted yesterday and that I have decided to make into a micro grow. I'm giving them light for 24 hours straight for the next three weeks using a mix of as much natural light as possible and then cfl for the rest of the time, after which I will induce flowering and continue to flower for 70 days. I am keeping all these plants in 24 oz clear cups. These plants are also in the topsoil I used for the other plants. By next week I am planning on moving the plants to a better concealed area near my house so as not to attract any suspicion.

    Will post pics as soon as I get a better camera than my phone! :eek:

    Oh! and before I forget, one of the 11 plants is drooping like a motherfucker but I don't feel thats its from under or overwatering but I could very clearly be wrong. Are there any other reasons for droopy leaves? (No discoloration either, just droopy leaves :confused:)

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