Bags on day one?

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  1. Okay, so I've ruined about 2 plants already from drying too fast, or too much, like for some reason it just dries up crisp in like a day. Its in a room with 40% humidity and 70 degrees, but its just not getting it done right, the final product comes out waaay to dry, and smells lkie hay.. and gets dark in color.

    So now, I'm wondering to slow the drying process, I have cut down some diesel and put them right in paper bags after harvest, about 3=4 inches deep in each brown bag and put them in that same room now I'm working on the second day and they are still a little moist. I leave the bags open also with a window open, while the bags are in a cabinet.

    I do take them out and rotate them every few hours, but the bud did start to lose the strong smell it had today, the second day, but you can still ruffle it up and smell it, is this good?

  2. The nice, dank smell should come back after a good cure. I would think your buds would moisten up just a little bit after a good cure, too, so they don't curmble apart. Stick 'em in a jar for a few weeks and then see how they turn out.

    Could always try out the water-cure method...I just bumped it up so it should be on the first page here in Harvesting section.
  3. Yeah, I'm not too into the water curing idea. I have however tried drying, and my past experience led to way overdrying in like 2-3 days. I went straight to the bags after being cut this time, and just leaving the bags open, and they are still nice and moist, about to go to day 3, they may make it a week before jars, sure hope so.

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