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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokedmonkey, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Common people! Baggies = BAD!

    All the chrystally goodness sticks to the bag.. and not the bud!

    Toked has a tin.

    I only use baggies when I deal.

    -- Toked
  2. Can't see the difference really, maybe if you artificially created an exact gravity field to hold the bud away from the sides of the tin.....

    ...if not I see both causing equal (minimal) loss of "chrystally goodness".

    It's probably best to scrape the Kif out of whatever you store your bud in, you have to love that getting to the bottom of a jar kind of feeling.
  3. Thats my point. A bag gets discarded! A tin doesn't!
  4. yah, I read that in a book too about baggies vs. glass storage... I can't remember what it said except that you should definitely go with glass storage because the THC crystals would be less likely to stick to the sides.

    is it true? dunno, i never go up to my dealers with a tin and say "feel er up mate"... although maybe I should, they'd get a kick outta that. It's also a tad harder to conceal a glass jar vs. a baggie heheh
  5. Whats the big deal anyway i always use baggies, even if the crystals are stuck on the sides what are you really losing 0.05g of a spliff if that, you gotta be really cheap (no offence sorry if taken) to be bothered by such a thing.
  6. Weedboss/

    Depends if your [insert bud containing device here] contains an eighth or a kilo I guess.

    I certainly don't feel cheap scraping the kif from a mason jar.


  7. *grin* me neither, and it's not that I'm being cheap... I just wanna get high! Each crystal is like a little piece of heaven!

    Well, thats why I was told at least... *glares at the goldfish*
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  9. I store my good bud in a spice jar. Impossible to scrape, but keeps more of the magic crystals on the bud.
  10. Ahhhh well see the difference is the ability to hide personlly i usually hid it in a cigar box in the bag with the rest of my goodies but to each his own.
  11. i usually keep my nugs in a baggie but i also do have a glass pepper shaker with tape over the holes (lol, got it for free from a friend, i cant complain) and even after about two months of using it, i can still smell my sweet sweet nuggets from long ago.
  12. doesn't matter to me... it doesn't stay in 'said' container long enough.... it all just gets smoked anyway...

  13. ditto to that brother
  14. i also use a tin. makes it easier to cut to because the bud doesnt fly everywhere
  15. when i get my bud i put it in an old bubbler and if the crystals stick to tha inside i jus smoke em out once a year
  16. yah man fuck baggies! i always use my film cannister or a medicice jar. only way to go.
  17. plastic bags arent good to store weed in because they are positivly charged and they draw the trichomes to them, like a crystal magnet:(. i use pill containers and mason jars.
  18. How about using tupperware? That's what I usually use.
  19. I don't think a tin's much better because Your weed is gonna shake around and fall apart faster. But it is easier to scrape and get kief i guess if you use it for a while.
  20. I use either a film canister or prescription bottle..

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