Bag With 8-Ball Design, Help!

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.Brightside, May 16, 2006.

  1. Damn! I just got a dub of some dank, but my prob is it came in a small 2 inch baggie with 8-balls on it?? Doesnt meth come in small baggies with logos??
  2. Ummm Im not really seeing the prolem here. You got some weed in a diffrent looking bag, o well. Long as you got no white powder stickin' to it, youll be fine bro:)
  3. Yeah, i dont really see a problem, as long as nothing else is in the bag or sticking on the bud it should be fine, just a bag with 8-balls on it
  4. Yeah man a lot of head shops around here sell those little baggies with designs on them... your dealer is just having some fun. Hell, one time I bought an ounce and my guy ran out of bags so he folded it up in some paper towels and then put those in a plastic grocery bag!

    You dont see me asking if it's laced with celery and french bread, do you? ;)
  5. Its alright. I was looking online at bongs and bubblers and came across the 8ball bags. They also had skulls and dolphins and superman logos.
  6. ive got a few of those lyin around... one with pink panthers, one with pot leafs, and one of them with superman logos... nothin to worry about unless you bought it from someone sketchy and theres foreign particles on the weed
  7. ok...I get a little paranoid sometimes, this one guy freaked me out once and told me I was smoking meth budz.:eek:
  8. Ya usually drugs are expensive, so i never understood why people would just be like "hey i think i am going to waste some money and lace some weed today, woohoo!" Dont even trip about it man, just enjoy the patterns. ;)
  9. man, I've gotten and given (as a gift ;)) many bags with an 8-ball logo on it. None of these were laced. I've also seen crack/coke sold in bags with a weed leaf on it... go figure. Weed dealer looks cool, crack dealer looks less guilty.
  10. Smoke it.
  11. Yeah it must be meth then
  12. come on, give it to meeeeee. ill be your personal weed taster, that way if its laced ill tell you. deal?
  13. Dude its just a bag, there aren't like any rules stating that bud must be sold in a certain bag. But you shouldn't keep it in a bag anyway so just take it out put it in a jar with a pot leaf on it then it won't be laced anymore.
  14. ROFL
  15. I actually did lol when i read this

  16. lmao
  17. some of the shit people ask on here.....
  18. even if it was laced w/ meth ........... its only a dub coudlnt be taht much!
  19. It is prolly all good but I would check the buds just to be safe. JOE>:smoking:

  20. Funny shit^^ I remember I got an Oz once in three baby bottle bags its all the guy had was some funny shit.. dont trip on the bag just smoke them buds and enjoy..
    also if it is laced oh well enjoy it free meth i know i would but i like doing other stuff from time to time..

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