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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JesusFreak, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. I bought some cheap weed for some reason and i got a lot of beaners out of it, i was wondering if i could get somewhere with growing them and if anyone has tried it. im not sure if this could turn out to be anything good but free grown weed is free grown weed
  2. yes u can, and if u grow it right, it will be ten time better then the cheap weed u bought...latezzz..
  3. i tryed it ... but i dunno i always thought that the seeds were dryed out long enough that it kills all the DNA inside of it ..but then i was thinkin that arent other plant seeds like that u buy in gardening stores dry?
  4. im the bagseed king :D
  5. mine have sprouted :)
  6. I hardyly EVER get any bag seeds. I wish I had just some to plant, seeds on teh net are SO much. Anyone wanna give me some bag seeds?
  7. go but a cheep 1/8th.
  8. so if you grow swag seeds well they wont be swag? explain how that all works to me please

  9. A lot of "swag" started out as really good bud at one time. It just loses quality when compressed/bricked or not cured propoperly. This has nothing to do with the genetics of the plant and seeds.
  10. most schwag is the product of the drug game itself. the growers produce massive amounts of bud and then sell it in bricks. the bricks find their way to a supplier and off the pounds go. the pounds are often once again re-distributed to small time dealers and cornermen. by the time the weed reaches your hand, it has lost a good amount of its potency and because so much of it is grown at once, there is little care put into them. you get seedy batches with lower thc levels.


    your bagseed won't have the impressive genetics of seeds from seedbanks, but it can grow into an impressive plant.
  11. to put it simply, if you get a bagseed, and plant it, if you love it, it will love you back and bless you with its fruit. you can improve that same bagseed over time through clones and propagation.
  12. wow great i think i have a few swag seeds, they have been sitting on top of my comp orocessor for sometime now, (1-2 months) will they have gotten too hot to work? I will try to germinate then tonight
  13. they may have gotten to hot but try them anyways
  14. Bagseed is great my plants R deadly and thats what they R i donot know the strains of any of them?Grrentoker
  15. Bagseed is good for the first few grows, but after you get a good idea of what you're doing, you should really aim for some decent genetics to get more of what you're looking for in your weed. Not all bagseed is going to be that good weed that reminds you of the old days, and not all bagseed will be reliable. But, if you do get some very good bagseed generally year-round, you are set. Cloning also helps greatly if you only end up with one female (it can happen).

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