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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Before I had my environment in check, I had temps as high as 86. My girls didn't stress at all, but mine were much older than that lil one there!
  2. Sounds like I have been getting lazy and really need to start watching how much pH down I add to my water, and my temps are constant 85-90. So I think those factors are what is going on. Plus I need to transplant. Been a lot of stuff going on and watching the babies has been difficult.

    I rid of the mites on OG which was a pin in the ass all on its own. I myself feel deformed with all of my stress so my girls seem to be a spitting image. I will have to start being more careful, and update with the situation
  3. Sounds like I have been getting lazy and really need to start watching how much pH down I add to my water, and my temps are constant 85-90. So I think those factors are what is going on. Plus I need to transplant. Been a lot of stuff going on and watching the babies has been difficult.

    I rid of the mites on OG which was a pin in the ass all on its own. I myself feel deformed with all of my stress so my girls seem to be a spitting image. I will have to start being more careful, and update with the situation
  4. Also, ive heard that if your pH down has citric acid as the active ingredient it kills all the bennificial microbes in the soil... Just another thought!
  5. I'm almost 100% it is the heat getting to them. I will just have to deal with it as there isn't a lot i can do about it. I think by tomorrow I will be moving the 250w out into the flowering area and just start flowering everything. I can keep the flowering room below 85 usually, and they aren't too small.

    Either way I took 7 more clones (4 DT 3 TW) And have 2 rooted TW4 clones in veg now. So i will be able to keep my strains going, and have everything done by the end of September.
  6. Update
    Flowering: Temps around 75-90
    Dutch Treat (3/39)
    Trainwreck2 (19/50)
    OG Kush1 (31/16)
    Trainwreck3 (31/8) triumphant biatchs.
    Trainwreck3 (39/1) Sick mutated fucks.

    Vegging: 80-90 *Nothing I can do about SUMMER TIME!!!*
    Trainwreck4 (14)
    Dutch Treat2 (23)
    Dutch Treat3 (5)

    Where to start... OG Kush seems to be fully rid of the mites, and has started to bud, just in time :p. Some of the leaves got a little burn from the spray, but better than loosing the plant! She is a 26 inch tall, 22 inch wide bush!!!

    Picture 1 TW3 - This shows the difference between the 2 that got sick, and the 2 that managed to flourish. I don't know what exactly went wrong, but hopefully I will be able to correct this issue with my next set of clones. The 2 that made it out ok are amazing, and are everything I can expect. My goal is to run 9 TW per 600w light at 1.5-2oz each harvested and cured every 90 days. This may not happen until winter comes though. I plan on vegging TW4 clones to produce the amount of clones that will require this setup.

    Pic 2 DT Flowering - This plant really is turning into something special for me. The trichomes on this plant are HUGE and i can touch some of them and move the little ball around on the tip, it feels like a cats tongue almost. Super sandy and the buds are actually starting to pack on some weight!

    Pic 3 DT Vegging - These 3 are doing alright, a lot more bushy than the originals, but seem to be having some CalMag issues with 2 of them. I am hoping this was also due to heat + not watering enough/watering with too much nutrients.

    The heat seems to be the only thing that is kicking my ass at this point. I will take into account to try and maybe grow a little extra during the cold seasons so that I can have the summer off, because this is a joke. A fun healthy joke but still :D:hello::wave:

    Other pics of the TW2 that is coming up to be harvested by the 14th probably. Everything else is just doing the damn thing.

    Thank you for the read, sorry for the absence!!! Here is some pictures for your wait.

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  7. Plants are looking good IBT.

    Keep growing bro!
  8. At first a few weeks ago i noticed white spots forming on the fan leaves of my oldest plant. it looked like maybe just some pH corrected water may have splashed onto them. But i noticed that it has been a few days since I watered, and the spots have gotten a lot worse all of a sudden. They have yet to reach the buds.

    I have been flushing for 7 days, and really do not want to get any mold in my bud, so should i just chop it down and rid of any leaves with spots and hope for the best? I will only be loosing out on about a week and a half. But its better than loosing my whole plant...

    Also, would it maybe be a good idea to just turn the thing into hash to be on the extra safe side? I could have the entire plant down and turned into hash by tomorrow morning. This seems FUCKING EXTREME considering i didnt even want to start smoking the stuff until early September !

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    Pic of PM(powdery mildew)

    Question: When you touch the leaf or the actual white stuff does it come off easily?

    a simple solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda, 3 to 4 drops of dishsoap in a gallon of water will cure it. if it is a mildew of some kind.

    Also this might be able to help ya.



    A professional biological spray from the Netherlands for preventing and controlling TOP ROT, BUD ROT (BOTRYTIS),RUST and MILDEW containing the active ingredient lecithine plus spreading agent and growth promoter.

    You'll usually observe the first signs of mildew at ventilation inlets or close to doors. A good coating of Toprot will seal in foliar fungi such as mildew and rust. By spraying the agent over your plants every 2 weeks you will reduce the risk of them being affected by mildew, rust or top rot by 90%. This will enable you to extend your cultivation period by at least 2 weeks and, as you know, it is in the last few weeks that your plants produce the large flowers you want.
    TOPROT is a safe agent with a long-term effect, but as your plants will continue to grow you will have to keep spraying them with half a dose every 2 weeks. The natural extracts contained in TOPROT have a stimulating effect on your plants’ growth, especially in periods of stress, i.e. immediately after planting and as they enter the flowering phase.

    You can harvest your crops immediately after using Toprot; the agent involves no residues and no lingering odours or flavours.

    Application and dose:

    1 litre of spray liquid is enough for about 10 m2.
    Spray a few minutes before you switch off your lamps.

    CURATIVE: mix 50 ml. of TOPROT with 1 l. of water or the entire contents of this flask with 5 l. of water. Spray generous quantities of the liquid over the plants and their tips.

    PREVENTIVE: spray 25 ml. of Toprot dissolved in 1 l. of water over the plants' tips and leaves once every two weeks. Dispose of any remaining spray liquid. Thanks to the included spreading agent you can treat young plants with this agent immediately after you have planted them, but you must repeat the treatment at least once when your plants start flowering.

    What is BUD ROT(BOTRYTIS) ?

    Budrot (Botrytis) is a very common fungus, which attacks both indoor and outdoor plants. It is also known as grey mold or brown rot.

    How to identify if your plants are infected by Budrot (Botrytis) ?
    The grow room may smell moldy if it has attacked to one or more buds. It is also visible with naked eyes that buds will turn to brown mush and spores will be produced.

    Is Bud rot (Botrytis) contagious?
    The answer is yes. Bud Rot (Botrytis) is contagious fungal disease. Once a bud of your plants has been infected, it will spread to other healthy buds.

    What is the solution for bud rot (Botrytis)?
    Firtsly, keep the atmospheric humidy during the Flowering period as low as possible ( around 40 to 50 %) NOT HIGHER THAN 50% because Botrytis loves warm, and humid conditions. Start using immediately A.R.T.S. TOPROT, which will prevent spreading of Bud rot (Botrytis) to other crops. For growing without threat of fungal diseases, use A.R.T.S. TOPROT as preventive, this will ensure protection of your plants from potential fungal diseases.

    What is Mildew ?

    Mildew refers to certain kinds of mold or fungus.Several different genera of fungi cause mildew. It survives by spreading from the diseased plants to the new plants of that same crop.

    How to identify Mildew?
    First symptoms are light patches of dusty, white to light gray growth on leaves. Lowest leaves may become completely covered.

    Is Mildew contagious?
    Mildew is contagious because it survives by spreading to healthy plants of that same crop.

    What is the treatment for Mildew?
    Mildew thrives if high rates of nitrogen have been used. High nitrogen promotes tender leaf formation, causing dense stands that are more susceptible to infections. Fertilize adequately but avoid stimulating succulent growth. You can use A.R.T.S. TOPROT curative treatment, which will help the removal of the mildew from infected plants and stop spreading to healthy plants. However, if you want your plants grow free from fungal diseases, you can also use it as preventive.

    What is Rust?

    Rust is a fungal disease. Rust spores mostly germinate on weak leaves.

    What are the Signs of Rust?
    Patches of orange-brown pustules on the leaves are the early signs of a rust infection. Be aware that most rust life cycles involve a 'latent' period, which means that a plant can be infected without showing any symptoms for a period of time.

    Is it contagious?
    It can be transmitted between plants by the ventilation or people's clothes and hands.

    What is the treatment for Rust?
    The common believing among the growers is cutting out infected leaves PLEASE DO NOT ! Because the leaves of the plants are the lung of your plants, which has crucial, function for photosynthesis. You can easily remove it by using A.R.T.S. TOPROT and prevent spreading around.

    A.R.T.S. TOPROT|Biological control of Bud Rot, Mildew, Rust,Weed,Cannabis plants
  10. Thank you so much for the information!

    With the baking soda water should i try and only spray the leaves and try to avoid getting much on the buds? Or does that matter? I will go and mix some up and start to do the dosages up until harvest.
  11. I would keep it off the buds one would think. Not fully sure on that one.
  12. Mad props go out to all of you growing in hot and humid climates!!! This is some work trying to keep all these plants in check, and the temps outside are only in the 60-70s.

    It seems the PM has gotten to my TW clones as well, as I am starting to spot small traces of the mildeo on them. They will need to be sprayed with the solution as well. I am really hoping that this summer doesn't destroy my TW strain, I may not have it much longer...
  13. Mornin Toast. Gotta say in my opinion that is nothing. Fan leaves show wear and tear after a while and your plants look really nice to me. Looking at your buds, I also think they would benefit from more time on the vine as they still are all white and virgin looking. I'd just let them be and get ripe. [​IMG]

  14. Pretty much the same exact thing i was thinking. I can tell on some of the lower parts that the browned out pistils and the growth has stopped. But on the top I can almost see the Beastie Bloomz still working its way into the colas and they are bursting with new pistils still every day. I am going to make quite the effort to let her go until due date.

    Speaking of due date... This is what i think of PMs
    [ame=]‪Due Date Dog Spit Moment‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  15. Bro that looks like powdery mildew for sure. No sprays should/can be used in flower to rid the PM. I'd be very careful when taking all the major fan leafs off because the PM could spread. You can spray your vegging girls with what ever you see fit.

    I had PM once...I got it from a clone from a friend....I now refuse to take clones because of this. To rid my garden of the PM it was either a Sulpher Burner (which I refused to do in my apartment) or what I actually did...trash every plant and clean, clean, clean....I used a bleach solution with water at around 35% bleach to 65% water.. and I scrubbed for 3 days, each day consisted of 2 separate spray/wipe downs.

    I hope ya get this straightened out bud.
  16. I read that EWC tea will stop PM...
    Don't remember if ya spray it on or feed it though:confused_2:

    I would do both ;)
  17. My girl has my camera but i will save a few pieces for when she gets back. 420_Ozzie and I have been talking and this shit is actually getting inside of the buds already.

    It is also starting to form on the TW3 clones going, and will have to start treating them before they start to flowering. DT and OG Kush seem to be uneffected. But it seems my Trainwreck line is compromised, and am highly considering picking up some beans instead.
  18. From what I have read PM can not show on effected plants for a while before it finally shows. So I would treat all of your plants, get em out of the grow areas and clean clean clean.
  19. Im beyond aggravated this heat has caused me more issues than i thought.
  20. Dont you usually smell fresh cut weed and say "Mmmm, that smells yummy!"

    This stuff almost brings on a gag reflex.

    PS: Maybe that is why these buds didn't get any bigger? I would assume the mold could easily cause stunted growth?

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