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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. I figure your TW was bagseed? If not, do you know the breeder? :)
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    I got it as a clone from a friend, and do not know who the breeder is :(. The only thing I know is it came with a tag that said Trainwreck, and he said that it was a true trainwreck clone. I do not have contact with him anymore.

    Here are some shots of the original clone I got that i have not posted. The plant was only 56 days old from when i got it, and at 3 weeks flowering produced 1.5oz! I had to harvest early do to inspections and legal complications at the time.

    PS: These were vegged out a little bit longer, and topped an extra time as compared to the TW2. TW3 clones are going to hopefully be a lot taller than these previous ones.

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  3. Hey toast...your plants are looking good.
  4. OG Kush has come down with a mild case of spider mites. I have quarantined the plant, and sprayed it with Neem 2, and will be doing so for the next 7 days depending on its condition.

    Also, a fan fell on one of the dutch treat plants, and almost ripped the plant out of the soil at the base. But luckily i think it will be ok, I was rubbed some rooting gel as far down it as i could before covering the stem up with dirt. It is able to support itself, so thats a good sign.
  5. I posted some info in Russy's thread about mites....I've never had them, but I've helped a friend eliminate them once...Forbid...

    Floramite works too but I've never seen it in action.
  6. Hope you can get ahead of those spider mites. Those things are a pain. I've been battling fungus gnats on an epic scale. Fortunately, they are harmless and I've been able to keep up with them.

    As for the plant, I'm sure she'll recover. Just stake her up if need be.
  7. Some good lookin buds butter!
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    7/27/2011 - 160 days since first bean popped.
    Unknown Strain - (29/47) Pulled early - ~1oz
    2Trainwreck - (21/28) Pulled extremely early - ~2.3oz

    Dutch Treat (3/31)
    Trainwreck2 (19/41)
    OG Kush1 (31/8)
    Bagseed1 (22/11) -Pulled Hermied
    Trainwreck4 (6)
    Trainwreck3 (32)
    Dutch Treat2 (17)

    Up until this point, I have yet to flower a plant until its prime. This was mostly due to complications with getting things setup, and a move in the middle.

    TW2 was only 10 inches tall, and was topped 2 days before being put into flowering. TW3 are now 16 inches tall, and have been topped one extra time! I have plans to move 2 of the TW3 clones into flowering in the next week.

    OG Kush is fighting an epic battle with spider mites now, and I may require some Lady Bug infiltration on the thing. The clone that I took 5 days ago of the plant is COVERED in spider mites, and I disposed of it quickly. Luckily I use 2 liter bottles and ziploc bags to contain and humidify my clones individually, so the problem was not able to spread to my other 3 TW3 clones.:D So far I have done a good job at keeping them only on the Kush, and I really want to save this plant. It is 8 days into flowering, 20 inches tall, and 8 even colas. Check out these fan leaves!

    Dutch Treat has been staked, and tied up. Judging by how quickly and how massive the healing wound from the super cropping is, I think she will make a full recovery.

    Thanks for listening, this is probably my most in depth update up-to-date, haha.

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  9. Even the words "Spider mites" scares me! Good luck man on gettin rid of them, I hear its hard as hell and you never really kill them "all" but its possible. Are you going to fog them or whatever its called?
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    As of now the Neem sprayer I am using is the only thing. I would love to try and pick up some lady bugs but so far the only place I found has like 1000 for 10 bucks and I only want like 30 lol. So far they are only on the OG, but I do not want to put that plant back into the flowering area. Until I don't see anything moving around.

    I don't know what I will do with it, but its not worth keeping it if its going to infest my other plants. I am considering getting really medicated, and going in with some tweasers to kill any I see, and I think I need to do something with the top soil as well.

    PS: I swear i am hitting the OG Kush with the Neem spray, and going in with tweasers to start and destroy every one of those living fuckers! Then i will dig up the top layer of the soil and replace it with new soil, and place sand over that. This plant needs to get back into the flowering room!!!
  11. Good Luck!! Getting those bastards with Tweezers will be pretty tough.

    You know Ladybugs go into hibernation if you put them in the fridge right? I got a pack of like 500 and only used 100 or so at a time. All I did was seal up the container and tossed it in the crisper in the fridge. They just fall asleep and like 2 minutes after taking them out (a week later mind you) they just start movin around again.
  12. Didn't decide to tweaser, but they seem to be in check pretty good, couple more days worth of this routine and I will add it back to the room.

    Here are some shots of the bongs and the new ash catcher i got. It makes both the small and the big bong hit like 10x better, and I would recommend 100% picking one up! It also has done an excellent job at keeping the bong clean and its easy to clean.

    I decided to chop off 2 of the lower branches on the Dutch Treat, maybe like 8g worth wet if that. I ended up getting back some of this golden, really sweat smelling QWISO in about 45 minutes of cutting it off the branch. I used a hair dryer to speed up the process, does NO harm to the oil. This stuff tastes as sweat as it smells.

    This new discovery of premature Bud QWISO has put a new perspective of my growing this strain, and we are excited to have it stay with us as a hash plant!

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  13. I ended up taking off the top part that I had super cropped, and an additional branch. This was almost required to fit the OG Kush back into the tent which seems to be rid of any visible living spider mites. I will continue to spray it for a few more days.

    Out of about 1/3 of the plant I was able to get 1g of QWISO. This stuff, is by far the best stuff I have had. Although it is very comparable to what the clinic had for 25 a gram. I am hoping that my training and efforts to make this next batch of DT will increase my yields by at least double each plant, and more than likely even triple. I want to keep this strain in my group for making hash.

    Small Smoke Report: The smell is sweat, the taste is sweat, and everything about the hash is sweat! It is hard, and I can actually stretch it like laffy taffy no problem, and 2 razor blades is all i need to chop off little tiny pieces for my bowl. 3 tiny slivers over a decent bong snap is enough to keep me soaring for about 3 hours. If I add a few more slivers, the high hits hard and very lazy, and very easy to fall asleep with.
  14. Hey there, budder! That Trainwreck 2 is looking very interesting. If I could get clones, that's a strain I would be tempted to try.

    Good luck with the mites. I have never had to deal with that issue -- the silver lining of not being able to get clones, I suppose.

    Your garden looks happy, budder, excluding the bugs. Nice work on the oil. Now leave that Dutch Treat plant alone! Let her get done. :D
  15. Dont get too antsy on me dood!
  16. Flowering:
    Dutch Treat (3/36)
    Trainwreck2 (19/47)
    OG Kush1 (31/13)
    Trainwreck3 (31/5)

    Trainwreck4 (11)
    Trainwreck3 (15)
    Dutch Treat2 (20)
    Dutch Treat3 (2)

    I am refraining myself from getting ahead of myself from now on. I need to figure out a new way to do this. I am considering trying to just have 1 mother of Dutch Treat and 1 mother of Trainwreck so that way when i clone, they are all the same age.
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    I posted this stuff on another thread but thought id share here too! This stuff is pretty insane. I have had hash before where i could easily top the bowl with a thin layer of hash, and be mildy OK after the hit. With this stuff, all i need is about 3 to 5 slivers over the bowl and it is just perfect! I have about half of it left, going to try and store some of it for later if at all possible, stuff just wants to go on every bowl!

    ~25g Wet Dutch Treat Buds and Trimmings yielded roughly 1.2g for me. This stuff is straight budder. Has the consistency of candle wax. And the slivers are golden blonde.

    Also, some deformities in my TW3 clones have been noticed. They seem to be growing abnormally? Some of the DT clones are doing the same thing. Could this be heat related? The leaves are sprouting out sometimes only 1 leaf and sometimes the nodes were coming out updside down?:confused:

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  18. whats your pH?
  19. Sign of stress... Heat, ph, nutes, environment.
  20. I've had some of the same signs, I think it's heat stress, sometimes I catch my temps at 84 so I've been trying to get the ventilation running better.

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