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Bag Seeds and Friends Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by iambuterdtoast, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Update: Moving along...

    TW2 - Day 48 from cut - Day 28 12/12 - Day 19 flower
    Dutch Treat - Day 18 12/12 - Day 6 flower
    Bag Seeds - Day 24 - Day 2 12/12

    OG Kush - Day 25
    TW3 - Day 20
    Dutch Treat2 - Day 8 from cut
    Bagseed - Day 10
    Bagseed 2 - Day 1 Germination

    Day 2 from cut

    Can't seem to keep the damn veg room from filling up... Oh well!

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  2. :laughing: Aint that a good thing? ;)
  3. I would say it's a good thing! :D
  4. High Iam, I thought I'd come by and see what's up :wave:

    Good job dude, this is what I was looking for :D

  5. Hey Toast, you have the Sun System 2 250 watter? Is it Mh/HPS or just HPS? Looks newer than mine.

    Keep up the good work.
  6. Nice trich action going on man. They really seem to love the new light.

    Huge update in journal. Kush's have taken off like rockets.
  7. Update: Too many plants to continue keeping track of at this point, so i am just going to throw up the pictures, lol. Sorry for lake of update, had been sick for a few days and didn't really get around to doing much.

    My garden on the other hand continued to work its ass off and really put me to thinking "what the hell am i going to do when i gotta flower these other trainwrecks AND the OG Kush?"

    2 of the 3 bagseeds (the ones i took clones from) look like promising females. This is awesome, but now i cant move my OG Kush over, AND I have 4 extra female clones that have rooted.

    The trainwreck clones have split there ways it seems. The 2 i cloned in the same container have really out done the other 2. But they will pull through eventually... I have no where for them to go yet anyways!!!

    QUESTION What are your opinions on light movers? I am HIGHLY considering getting a 6ft light track for my 600w. This would allow me to only run the 1 600w light instead of purchasing an entire extra light + new exhaust. What do you think?

    Bud Shot:

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  8. I'd only even consider a light rack if I needed to cover more than 10ft of space..... It may be beneficial in your situation tho!

    Plants are rockin!

  9. My grow space is roughly 8ft wide right now, and i can easily bring it out to 10ft. The depth currently is 4.5ft, and that could be extended out by another foot as well.

    So that would leave me with running on a 7ft track to cover the entire space, and hopefully have the light make a full rotation every 2 hours. This would provide light for the entire space, and i could probably fit the 12-15 plants i need comfortably in that space without going over 1000 watts.

    I do not grow monsters, so i dont think i really need that much more light. Just need me a robot to move that thing around!:D

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  10. I would go with the mover... It's better than worrying about cooling another lamp or a 1k! Plants are looking awesome Toast!

  11. So i am talking to a guy now that is looking to get rid of his 6ft light rail with motor for $120 bucks. He also has a 4ft 4 bulb T5 fixture that i would be interested in.

    Going to see if i can maybe offer him some type of trade for my 250w hps + cash for the rail and T5. Here's hoping!
  12. Let us know! :ey:
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    Still not sure exactly what is going on with the light mover, but he only wants $120 for the 10 RPM motor + 9ft rail that is adjustable, and can support 2 6" cool hoods side by side. All in all about $250-300 if i wanted to get from a shop. I REALLY WANT THIS!!!

    The bagseeds in flowering look like they are all showing female sex traits. But on one of them it looks like pistils are coming from the top, and the node below is forming a stock with a ball (male part). I am hoping I dont have any hermies.

    OG Kush is just toying with me, popping out 3 more shoots from NOWHERE and I have already taken 2 from her. I always use these lower branches for clones, as they aren't going to produce much usable medicine.

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  14. Well it seems i will probably have to wait until i get another light, or figure something out. I think what i will end up doing is getting a few extra CFL's for the veg room, and putting the 250w in the flowering room. I don't think it will add too much heat.

    I was lucky enough to talk to a breeder about the Dutch Treat strain, and he told me there is only one way it will produce, TOP TOP TOP. He said to top it as many as 6 times to ensure a nice canopy of colas, this plant is really stetchy! So in the spirit of giving it a shot, I will be topping the clones I have, and really see what this strain can do. I have heard nothing but good reports on the smoke.
  15. Update:

    Dutch Treat (3/27)
    Trainwreck2 (19/37)
    OG Kush1 (31/4)
    Bagseed1 (22/7)

    Trainwreck4 (2)
    Trainwreck3 (28)
    Dutch Treat2 (13)

    Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy trying to find a job and figure out what exactly I am going to do with my setup. Trying to take cuttings from the TW2 in veg as they get big enough, and I think i will be strictly growing TW after this run is finished.

    I also will be holding off on making anymore room upgrades, I need to learn how to use the light I have before going into using more. Maybe when i start producing over a half pound under my 600w, then we can upgrade.

    TW is really starting to plump out, and I had to put a stake down the center and tie a string to the main stem so it doesn't fall over. Russy, it looks like i cut a little branch off your plant, and I commend you for keeping that bitch upright!

    Dutch Treat is really turning into a hash plant, as the stem is starting to form a lot of trichomes. It looks like Alatar's nettle bush, but in smaller size.

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  16. Nice Update...

    I like the plant list! :p

    How big is you set-up...I would think a 600 and a 250 would be plenty ;)

  17. I am running the flowering plants under just the 600 at the moment, and it currently is about 4x4ft space. I will be able to get some Panda Film finally by next week so i can redo the "tent" and I really want to bring the space out to about 5ft.

    The 250 is currently being used in my veg closet. But at this point is almost over kill, and will be buying some more CFL's to throw in there. This way i can bring the 250 into the flowering room, and this should allow me to add up to 3 more plants in there. In other words, I should be able to fit all 9 plants in the flowering room. If anything just rotating them under the 600 and 250.

    The tallest plant I have so far is 31 inches. The longest i have vegged any of the plants is 31 days. The dutch treat seem to be very light producers, but this was a 100% untrained plant, so i cant complain.
  18. From what I remember seeing/reading, the Dutch Treat is notorious for small train the shit outta her!!

    I like the light coverage in my 5x5 with my 600...I loved the light coverage in my 5x5 with the 600 and 400 :p So you'll be rockin the dank!

  19. Thank you for the input, I haven't been able to find much on the Dutch Treat, but it seems you are very correct. Training the living hell out of these new clones is going to be the only way to get them to produce.

    Here are some shots of the DT2, topped and getting nice and bushy. Not sure if i will LST, but really just try to top any side that starts to get too tall.

    Here is a group shot of the Trainwreck3 clones. The 2 in the back have obviously out done the 2 in the front. But they are all healthy now and on there way to becoming what i know and love :D.

    Bonus:Dutch Treat is starting to fill the stems up with crystals! And a nice shot of the tallest cola on the wreck.

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  20. Damn man you really have gotten the hang of this growing game. Looking really nice man. Tw's are looking mighty niiiiice..

    And thought I would drop some sativa sexyness on ya.



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