Bag seed.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sloppyjoe, May 3, 2006.

  1. Well guys and girls i just started to grow this morn. I just took some bagseed though and i have it in the towel right now. I will keep you posted and I will also post some pics, when and if I get some to grow. I hope they do and I hope to be posting little plants soon i will keep in touch wish me luck blades. I will need your help in this journey b/c I do not have s green thumb. Thanks. JOE>:hello: :hello: :hello: :smoking:
  2. good luck. im crap with anything that i got one sprouted and growin. :smoke:happy smokin!
  3. Good news fellas they r starting to grow, holy shit I need to get them into the dirt. My wife called me and told me this morning that they were out and I needed to plant them, so I will be doing just that tonight. JOE>
  4. what does bag seed look like...can someone take a pic of the seed and post it on here..... im not much of a stoner so i dont no much
  5. Just like any other marijuana seed. Sometimes if the weed is of that low quality i have noticed alot of the seeds arent even usable though if the weed was compressed alot.

    [​IMG](just googled cannabis seeds)
  6. are they as big as like orange seeds? or apple seeds
  7. never seen a seed up close... u can tell im not much of a stoner
  8. theyr like literally |-----| size (approx)
    and you dont need to know everything about marijuana smoking, cultivation & history to know about it..youv just gotta be in love with it :D

    *400th Post!!*
  9. lol, I just germed this morning too!! we should be grow buddies, lol. :rolleyes: :D

    EDIT: woops, didn't see that your post was like from four days ago, meh. nm then! But still, good luck.

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