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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The Dude Zach, May 3, 2011.

  1. I'm sure this gets asked a lot but has anyone had a good experience with a random bag seed grow. I got a couple ounce's of some high mids during the winter and kept some of the seeds. So now I'm about to start a little grow in my back yard. Just wondering about some of your guys experience with bag seeds.
  2. Ive only grown from bagseed, and you can definitely get good shit from bagseed if you grow it right...
  3. Yeah I heard its all about the attention and care you put into it. I mean I'm sure genetics play a fairly big role, but it's not everything.
  4. Exactly. Genetics will have some effect, but I dont think there really are any plants out there that ABSOLUTELY cant grow decent shit with the right care..
  5. yea id tend to agree with this, although like u say genetics do play a big part, ive followed many grows on here that were bagseed & its turned out better the the bag it came from! so it just goes to show lol, although if you grow the plant well enough genetics could be the only limiting factor, like if its a very mild/low THC strain to start with.

    anyway good luck with it, no reason why you wont get bud just as good as the next guy lol:smoke:
  6. Yeah thanks man I kept the seeds of some good mids so hopefully it all grows well.

    Appreciate the input guys thanks.

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