bag seed... what ya think?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by three_x, May 7, 2004.

  1. hello... this is jessica.... hmm... i forgot what day this was taken on... but she's filled up pretty nicely since then.... what you guys/gals think?

    its bagseed... but then again, there's nothing better than the pride of home grown right?

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  2. Looks awesome man, nice job!

    What are the conditions you've been growing her in?
  3. compact fluoros... mix of warm and cool

    regular potting soil... blood meal... that's about it... this is where i got my clone from..

    it's our first female by the way :)
  4. HIGH All, nothing like your own bagseed homegrown....very nice might I add.
  5. thanks :)

    started a new batch from seed... hopefully i get more females this time
  6. how many seeds were male/fem this time

  7. i didn't start to flower the new batch yet.... but i got 6 vegging right now...
  8. the plants name is Jessica???

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