bag seed, teaching myself coco

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  1. I started with 3 in dirt from the back yard, had to go out of town for a few days and the seedlings stretched horribly when left outside, only one survived.

    I transplanted it to some fox farm and burred most of the stem, and added some nutes. It responded well to this and and stayed this way for about 8 days, until i could get some coco and everything else nevessary.

    under 2x28w CFLs using all general hydroponic nutes, grow nutes, camg, and their ph +/-. Added Jamaican bat guano and perlite to coco that came preflufed and was pitched to me as "from the same guys that make canan." not sure how true that is but its i nice texture and drains great

    She is definitely showing signs of sex now and seems to love the coco, i dont have internet for another week or so so am updating from threatening on my phone so will only add one picture for now but will take more later.

    how soon should i be topping her? and are there anything you see i may be missing or improve? looking to clone also, this is more or less a practice experiment for seeds with better genetics on future grows
  2. threads useless without pics!

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  3. since upload is working now might as well add more, are there any advanced techniques (super cropping, LST, topping/cloning, ect...) that you'd recommend trying out on this practice plant

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