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  1. So long story short I started growing in septemberish, because my buddy had a one foot tall plant under one CFL. He never expected it to actually make it as far as It did. I ended up taking it and buying a closet set up. I started two seeds I had stored away out of a bag of seeds I got off my long time connect. Basically just in case the runt ended up being a male at least i would get something out of my first grow, even if it was very little. So after the 2 immature plants hit their 3rd node I flowered been flowering for like 11 weeks and just harvested all 3 plants. Here are some pics: [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    The bigger plant was a herm I kept plucking and just kept going kinda just went out on a limb. Looks to be about an ounce it's very leafy/fluffy

    The first picture doesn't even do the bud justice. Seriously the most trichome covered bud I've ever seen, I wish I cloned it.

    And the 2nd bud looks beautiful as well. Craziest bag seed I'll probably ever grow, then again who knows I still have a bag of random seeds. As well as some querkle and blueberry seeds for the next grow.

    I used LED's and this was a fully organic grow utilizing SIP's so you can only imagine how boring the last few months have been. I filled the SIPs maybe once a week. If anyone is interested about anything else feel free to ask.

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  2. Total dry weight?
  3. I'd say a quarter of each of the first two buds and maybe an ounce of the really fluffy light green bud. Maybe even less but I knew I wasn't gonna get a lot off them. 2 were flowered way too soon and the big one was a herm but i just wanted to take a shot at growing and turns out the bag seed genetics I had were killer wish I revegged the 2 smaller plants but they were seriously tiny

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  4. I just started flowering a bag seed that I found in a bag of street weed. It was from a purple strain too. How long did u veg for to get that 1 oz ? And how many watts did u use

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