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  1. ok my seedling is a little over a week old
    i have it in a medium of perlite and vermiculite
    i currently have it un a 18w Cfl(75 w normal light)
    i have fed it once so far with a 25-8-16 water soluble fert
    im just wondering when i should move it bc it is starting to get close to the light
    how does it look
    does anyone have any idea wut strain it might be

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  2. Ok well you need at least 5 more of those lights if you want your plant to grow, what strength nutes did you use?
  3. i used vigoro all purpose plant food
    i poured the same amount i use to water the plant
    i just pour it to the water comes to the top of the dirt then stop and it drains
  4. ive also been putting it in the window where alot of sun shines thru
  5. If you fed it full strength it may well burn over the next few days, you won't be able to grow a real plant on your window, sorry dude

  6. Bro I reccomend you at least get a MH light
  7. i know how to grow it ive grown a couple plants already
    i know how much nut to give it im not a retard
    and it only a week an a day or two since it sprouted and its looking pretty good if u ask me the only thing is it could be male and i only have one so i hope its not
    anyway ive got plenty of seeds which is why i dont care
    im planning on getting a better light when ive got some money
    i had 2 bubble buckets and a hps light but my mom took it all
  8. Well if your not a retard, which by the way no body even implied,what strength did you nute a week old plant at? Also if you know how to grow you'll realise you're pot is already becoming absolete and you're plant is stretched as you're light is unbelieveably underpowered.

    Which leads me on to one of you're other points you're bulb will be able to virtually touch tht bulb and not burn, my 200 watt cfls are happy just a few cms away.

    Also what is the ph at as it will soon suffer if its not in the correct range.

  9. i havent bought any ph meters yet cause i couldnt find any locally that reads under 6.2
    so far all the plants ive grown exept one thats outside have been taken
    the one outside turned out to be male
    where did u buy ur cfls cause i know i need a highger wattage
  10. Ebay is the answer for everything!
  11. yea dude ebay ph meters thats where im getting mine
    mels you coming on msn anytime soon?
  12. Coming on now.

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