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Bag method for decarbing

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mowmowmow, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. I'm going to try making firecrackers in a couple days. I plan to use this guide which stresses how important decarbing is to the recipe .

    Unfortunately I've read that the decarbing process is the point in the recipe most likely to stink up yr kitchen w the smell of weed. This is not good for me and I want to minimize weed smell during decarbing as much as possible.

    I did more research and came upon BadCats bag method for decarbing which is mentioned here
    BadKitty talks about decarbing inside of an oven bag to lock in smell during decarbing . I just had a few questions

    Where can I find the type of bags w metal clips that he mentions? Any brands in particular? In another thread I saw people just take like a Turkey oven bag and fold the open ends of the oven bag to lock in smell. Any advice on this from people that do it? Thanks. I'm only able to find turkey size oven bags w ties at my local grocery.

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  3. Just to clarify - There are a ton of bags available but none that I can find w the metal clips bad kitty mentioned. Also there is a bunch of conflicting info about how best to close the bag to lock in the smell.
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    I decarb in my electric oven using a pyrex dish with alumina foil fashioned into a crimped, virtually airtight, lid.
    At worse, I might get the faintest whiff of herb for about the last 20 minutes of the decarb. I wouldn't be able to smell it from the next room with the door shut.
    Smell, or lack thereof, is critically important to me too and I have never felt the need to abort the decarb due to excessive odors. If you are decarbing at 220F and you have sealed the alumina lid for your pyrex dish well, simply opening a window should be enough.
    Still, if you can get the bag decarb happening, all good :)  
    Another method:
    When I am progressing an already strained oil, I place my 2 cup pyrex storage container in an everyday oven bag and simply tie it off to seal any vapors in. Zero odor every time for that extra 20 or 40 minute heat cycle.
    It seems to me that finding an oven bag that you could enclose a pyrex dish in would be a whole lot easier than finding the right one for a double-boiler type decarb.

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