bag left alone outside work?

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  1. iv got a good 50 seeds just out of random mids that iv picked up. im home sick today and i started to wonder.

    there is this big park place near my house. its big. something like 3x3 miles? alot of bike paths and such in it. it has streams and such in it also so there prob enough water in the soil. was wondering if i were to plant some of the bag seeds out there and just left em over the sumer, would i be able to come back to some crops?

    clearly id have to find a super secret spot of it to plant em. i live in NJ also so the climate is ok i guess? idk.
  2. They should grow. Now, I dont know too much about growing and all but if you plant them (maybe germinate them first) then plant them when conditions are right they should grow. Someone else could prob help you out with details

    Which park? Thompson park?
  3. its just this forest type place. has a couple of open fields and then a ton of forest area.
  4. I used to find peoples park grows all the time. I would usually leave them alone, unless they had some buds on them, them I would pick a few for a finders fee.:D

    But yes if conditions are right they will grow. Though you have no control over light water and all that stuff. Plus if you dont check often the males might fuck the females...
  5. would there be a chance of cops finding it and then watching it. so the next time i go check on them they bust me?

    or would they just dig em all up and leave?
  6. Think about it. If you were a cop would you want to spend all day staking out some plants on the chance they can bust some kid for growing pot?? (Im assuming you are a kid:))

    But yes in life there is always a chance. You could walk in at the same time they find it etc..

    But they would most likely dig it up and leave, OR leave it and come back when it buds for some free pot.

    hope this helps.
  7. If you can go to the south side of one of the forest and try there.
  8. if you pick a suitable spot then there is no reason they wont grow - there is lots of helpful advice in the outdoor growers section

    by the way - do NOT tell anyone - even if you are tempted to tell your best mate DON'T

  9. Germinate lol. These grow in nature without being germinated by human's. Germinating will make it much better of a chance for growth, but you can just put 'em out there...I'd suggest a cm under some soil so that birds don't eat them. Plant them a bit off the paths though because if bikers do smell it the Po Po's will probably be called for removal. Also if you are checking on your plants never take the same path in or out, bring binocular's, and bird guide...this gives you a legit reason for being right there...but don't be wearing "urban" wear cause that just wont be believable lol. Wear some dirty jeans, and a plain T, ect...

  10. why on the south side? cuz of how the sun is in the sky or something?

    also. about the smell. if its outside, wouldnt the wind take it away for the most part? or do they really smell that bad?

    and assuming i do get some to grow. when should i plant them? and once they growing should i try and bring them water and such?
  11. yes, south facing plots get the most sun

    you really need to bury your head in the outdoor growers section and do some reading

    all of your q's will be answered there already

    good luck
  12. Let's think about it for a second...the east side of a hill gets its sun in the early portion of the day, west gets it in the later portion, north, and southget it during the entire day...but since its summer time the axis of the earth will be tilting north (winter setting in), so south side will get more sun light the closer to fall we get than the north.
    You will remember things a lot better if you search around, and find them for yourself, than if we feed them to you. So do some searching, all the questions your asking are basic, and talked about hundreds of times on here, and well as on other grow sites.

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