Badly need HELP!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by 567843, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Please help me!
    My whole plant has been like overrun by thousands of something like really small spiders.
    They are very small and white and they have build a web around all of the buds.
    I had some kind of mites which were black and were living under the leafs.
    I don't think these are the same.
    I've been spraying the plant with soap water for some time now and I don't think its helping.
    I cant find neem oil. They just dont sell such a thing around here.
    Please dont tell me that they are eating my THC.
  2. water & hand picking almost micrscopic insects wont work on mites:cool:

    check your PM's for diagnosis & treatment
  3. 10x a lot man!

  4. You seen mites this bad GG? Warning! It's a loaded Q, so answer wisely.

    lox Your plant is what we call webbed up. How long you go w/o looking at?
  5. Just a thought...will ladybugs eat them..if so , then sick the girls on them.
  6. check Lowes for neem oil last time I was there they were selling it.. Good Luck
  7. 420freedme
    Sorry I didn't get what you meant by How long you go w/o looking at?
    I thought of the ladybugs too but I havent seen one dam ladybug the whole summer.:mad:
  8. You can try a home remedy of garlic and cayan water to spray. You inside or out?

    Those webs are for the mites to get to food.

    Too hot here for lady bugs, and wrong time of year.

    gl alex
  9. Im growing in but tis kinda like out cuz its on a balcony so all kind of shit flies by and spreads bugs.
    U sure bout the garlic and cayan sprayed on the buds?
    Wont it taste really bad after?
  10. Lox I like you. Question every bit of advice. I do it.

    How far along are the buds? I had forgot.

    No sarcasm in this post. Everyone should Q all advice. Oh yes mine for sure.

    If thebuds aren't too far along the remedy will wear off.

    patio grow. love the weed.

  11. [​IMG][​IMG]
    They are very far along.
    I was thinking of cuting it at the end of the week but im not sure.
    I think that if i wait more there wont be anything left to cut
    since i cant defeat the bugs.
    And anyway ive failed once again this year. PH problems, bus....
    That on the pic is the biggest bud ive ever grown... they never actually grow like a real bud... theres just a few hairs and that's it.
    I dont know what to do.
  12. Ouch. Sorry to hear dreadlox.

    You will try again?!

    Maybe a change is in order for next grow. I've a cheap simple everything for sucess. I'll help all I can.

    gl alex
  13. Yeah Ill try again next year.
    I hope that I can learn from this years mistakes.
    So what do u think?
    Should I cut it? or wait till the end of the week.
    Or spray it with the garlic and shit and wait 2-3 weeks more?
    BTW dose the leafs and trim get cut of before or after I hang it to dry?
    10x 4 the help:)
  14. IF(if now) it was mine? Probably would cut.

    Harvesting is mainly preference. I trim before hanging. It's a bitch after it's dry, but to leave leaves on increases dry time.But (lol) some say smoother weed is a result. I see no diff if weed is quality.

  15. OK One more question.
    Mites cant eat dried weed right?
  16. Maybe I missed it, but why did you say you can't defeat the bugs? It's unfortunate because I think you need a few more weeks for those buds to be full potential.
  17. Maybe you can try tobacco juice.
    In any case you should try something those buds need at least another month, maybe even 6 weeks.
  18. yeah really, try anything because it would be a shame to kill those so prematurely.
  19. Its too late. I cut it last night.


    I dont think it had a lot more to go cuz the genetics wich I use are not as the ones which i guess u are used to seeing. Its bad genetics and thats why ti looks like that. And its not that bad even if its a little bit early cuz its gonna have a nice lite high. Ive hung it to dry so ill tell u what its like in about a week.
    PS I got a pic of the infestation and u can clearly see how severe it is.
    The little ball on the tip of the leaf is a ball bade of bugs.
    I dont know what they were doing and I sent them all to hell with my liter.
    The pic is high resolution so Im just gonna give a link.
  20. Orgy of the nasty kind.

    W/that bad an infestion the mites will build new webs to hunt food. It

    Good to hear you're happy dreadlox. That's what counts. Now next time you'll keep a look out for 1st sign of bugs, not wait;)

    to better days...alex

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