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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. That's a great idea on the hops. I've read about the mango thing and I had started thinking on occasion on mango/canna foods, but I didn't know enough about hops to know you could put it in all your foods.

  2. :) I've considered it, and I do happen to have an old friend who authored one of the more popular (older) hydroponic instructional books, but I was just mentioning to someone in a PM that I'm more of a non-profit kind of person. I've traveled the globe to learn from some of the masters, as well as to pitch in at smaller establishments.. I'm more likely to spend time and exhaust my limited financial resources helping folks in the community, than I am to try and turn a profit off them :D

    That's why I enjoy pitching in at the forums. I can reach a broad range of people where I otherwise wouldn't be able to be there to help out. I'm basically repeating half the message I just exchanged with zyxwv88, lol. My feelings are that quality medicine, edibles and smoke, should not be limited only to the folks who have access to dispensaries, and coffee shops :)

    Those establishments will always have a valued place in our community, and the underground trade will always flourish, regardless how many folks elsewhere (and even locally) can 'fend for themselves' :p It doesn't bother me in the least to share my 'trade secrets'.. if anything, sharing only increases awareness, and the likelihood that people will continue using the above establishments as well.
  3. I tell you this with all respect intended. You are as a wonder unique in its own genre with what you do in the kitchen. Personally, I've never encountered anyone in any media that takes it to the level you do. Your creations are amazing just for their pure art form. Some might even classify your work as genius. Good stuff for sure.

    Peace. :wave:
  4. I'm flattered, to say the least :) I'm not a very talkative or social person, but I do tend to write... a lot sometimes, lol. It used to be a hobby of mine. So this is a great resource and a place to vent creativity and share, when I'd otherwise be too tongue-tied, or too modest or reserved. The way I see it, I'm just doing what everyone is capable of if they put their minds to it, but I've been very fortunate to meet and work with a lot of very on-the-ball and intelligent, industrious people in our community over the years, who I learned from, and helped to develop ideas together. I'm just trying to pass on any knowledge I've picked up along the way while I still have the chance.

    With all the technology, and the ease of information exchange, it still surprises me every day just how little of what I've picked up over the years, is out there and available for the finding for everyone else. It seems like many folks are loath to share what they've learned, especially if it works, and works well.. it's important to some people that they keep some sort of 'edge' over everyone else, maybe for business reasons, maybe for personal. I've never felt that way, if it wasn't for our 'pioneers' open-ness, and the availability of information, we would not have made nearly the amount of progress that we have, over the last few years.

    Cannabis is becoming more mainstream than it's been in decades.. I just saw the most recent episode of the Simpsons, which airs early and has an audience in a wide range of ages, influencing both the old and the young, and it's astounding just how open they are about it now. Homer, apparently loves stoner comedy! Just ten years ago that episode, or at least the full extent they took it, would have been incredibly brave on Matt Groenings part, but now (even while it's certainly not his first canna-reference :) ) it's just as easy to look at it as hopping on the band wagon. "Everybody's doing it." :) The more information that's out there, the better we can all enjoy our hobby, even right under the nose of 'the man' if necessary :D
  5. Stickied, really awesome thread. :smoking:
  6. All the above and amen to the close! Awesome!

  7. About time. ;)
  8. I approve of this fap thread.

    Thats what this is, isnt it?

    Oh...well it is now
  9. Wow, thanks guys! I definitely don't mind the thread being stickied at all :) I'm humbled and flattered with all the great threads that pop up here every day, it's so nice of you folks to put mine in with your stickies. Hopefully it can help more people by having a bit more visibility.. I'll keep adding to it as well :D Thanks again!
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    Harvest time is coming soon, and I just stocked up on some much-needed supplies...

    For now, over the last few weeks I've been busy whipping up and photographing several of my favorite canna recipes, listed below, that I think you'll enjoy. I'll be working on their write-ups over the next week or so before I post much more, that way things don't get 'forgotten' like a few of the previous posts I still haven't had time for (woops) :p
    I'll still be around to help though while I crank these tutorials out :) :

    Coming Soon:

    - Cosmic Salad Dressings- :
    Italian, Ranch, & Parmesan w/ Grains of Paradise

    - Tinc'Treats - :
    Breath sprays, tinctures for both breath & sublingual use

    - Dips & Spreads - :
    Hashy Hummus, "Smoked" Salsa, Zesty Herbed Salmon Spread, and more...

    - Appetizers - :
    Artichoke & Cheese Bruschetta w/ herbs, Canna Tomato & Cheese bread, Proscuitto Hash Rolls, Devil-Grass Deviled Eggs..

    - 'Gourmet' Full Courses - :
    Hash Buttered Shrimp & Pasta, Infused Sirloin Tips & Steak Marinade, Stuffed Chicken Breast...

    I'm probably leaving a few out.. we'll get to them soon enough :)
  11. I made your hash pills, and FUCK ME they are good lol.

    i used a gram of hash 9 grams of lightly vaped bud and 4gs of crystally stems.

    but a problem im having is the caps themselves get all deformed when i put the coconut oil into them.

    they arent leaking or anything , just not sure what to do.
  12. Did you accidentally buy veggie-caps? They tend to fall apart really, really fast, the gelatin caps can usually sit around with even a liquid-at-room-temp oil for as long as a couple days, and coconut oil keeps them stable at room temp for months, and months (I haven't hit a point yet or kept any around long enough, to find out when the gel caps begin to break down..)

    Another possibility, maybe the coconut oil was still too hot when you were injecting it into the capsule? I can't say for sure, because I've added it to the caps safely while it's pretty warm myself and haven't had any deformities.

    One last thought, if the outside of the cap, as well as the inside, gets wet or damp or oil-covered they break down much quicker than when just the inside has had exposure to the oil. I hold my capsules with a piece of paper towel between my skin, and the capsule, to keep the heat from my fingertips from expanding the capsule when I seal it (the heat coming from the outside, warming the inside as it closes, 'pushes' the lid of the cap back up), but it also protects the cap if I get sloppy and some overflows, it goes onto the paper towel which I can fold over and re-use, rather than the exterior of the capsule.

    I hope one of these pointers solves your problem... a final thought, there's always a chance the supplier you bought your capsules from gave you veggie caps, instead of gels, so it may be good to call or email them to ask.

    For now, while they're still holding some kind of shape, pop any you may have left in the freezer if you can... what I tell parents, or people with shared or 'community' freezers, is that it is best to carefully install a small lock-box into your freezer, so you can access your meds and edibles, but others can not.
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    Just got a couple of exciting boxes in the mail a few days ago, already cracked some things open to make some:
    "'Dangerous' Double-Chocolate Double-Canna Cookies"...
    I've exhausted all my small bottles of coconut oil, and my 2 oz lecithin packets, and harvest is coming soon now...

    It's always best to wait to buy processing supplies, in quantity, until you're ready to use them almost immediately once they are opened. Especially the perishable variety.

    The Barley Malt, Brown Rice Sugar and Soy-Rice Milk, and Organic Honey, are for brewing Canna Beer, Herbal Sake, and Hashed Mead. :)
    I'll stick to sharing just a few photos of those 'drinkables'. If you'd like to learn more about the (*100% legal) art of brewing, there are loads of forums and resources on the net that will help you learn the different recipes/varieties, and the important basics.. particularly, sanitation is important.
    Just remember that adding -sterilized- fresh or dried herb, is the equivalent of adding a flavoring or bittering agent, but to achieve potency, you must add an already-available cannabinoid source via an extraction made with either citric acid, or a strong alcohol (which is then reduced to remove that alcohol, leaving your brew to make its own).


    I forgot to address your lecithin concerns earlier, zyxwv88, sorry about that!...

    I'm assuming you found "lecithin granules", similar to those below... it's sort of a blend between what you described as little 'grains', and powder. When I think to I'll take a photo. And like the powder, it works very well (it works equally as well as the fully-powdered variety, both of which are superior to and more concentrated than the liquid varieties available) :)
    I'll be going through most of these supplies, somewhere around three-times over by the time the harvest is completely processed, while still leaving me with plenty of herb to actually smoke, lol.

    Yes, I buy glycerin by the gallon :) I do still have about 1/3 of a gallon left in my last container... very cheap to buy it this way though, lasts as long as I need it to, and it comes with a convenient pump :D

    It is important you check to be sure that it is food grade.. there are several grades, industrial, USP or '(United States) pharmaceutical or pharmacopeia', AND food grade... the later, being the kind you want, and the healthiest to consume in quantity.
    They are all quite similar as far as their composition however, but anything below food grade, even pharmaceutical (which is still considered safe for human consumption in low doses), has the potential to make you nauseous, or actually physically ill.

    And Coming Soon (
    this is where all my post-harvest 'mini supplies' went):

    - Cosmic Salad Dressings- :
    Italian, Ranch, & Parmesan w/ Grains of Paradise...

    - Tinc'Treats - :
    Breath sprays, tinctures for both breath & sublingual use...

    - Dips & Spreads - :
    Hashy Hummus, "Smoked" Salsa, Zesty Herbed Salmon Spread, and more...

    - Appetizers - :
    Artichoke & Cheese Bruschetta w/ herbs, Canna Tomato & Cheese bread, Proscuitto Hash Rolls, Devil-Grass Deviled Eggs...

    - 'Gourmet' Full Courses - :
    Hash Buttered Shrimp & Pasta, Infused Sirloin Tips & Steak Marinade, Stuffed Chicken Breast...

    edit - I just had a capsule myself about 10 minutes ago (or when I started typing this up). I'm already noticing the first enjoyable, but somewhat embarrassing to admit, effect.... the occasional little 'burp', which tastes like very good canna oil :) Doesn't happen every time, I only usually notice it on an empty stomach (probably because you tend to swallow air when you're running on empty :p).


    Attached Files:

  14. Yes, thanks, that did answer my question about the lethicin. I ended up buying both the granules and a liquid, which was a very thick liquid. I figured that it was cheaper to buy an extra bottle than to pay for gas for another trip if I changed my mind. Almost wishing I had waited though now that I know they aren't quite as good.

    I did try the citric acid method with my vape remains. It didn't go so well. I added my citric acid and then lethicin and vinegar, and I had split my vape remains into thirds and processed a third at a time. The resulting liquid was brown and tasted of canna and even smelled of it, but I didn't get any effect from it. Oh, and I did throw it in the oven even at the temps you suggested.

    I mixed some with grape soda and it wasn't half bad considering that I haven't acquired a taste for weed yet, so as yet i really hate the flavor. I couldn't hardly taste it, although when I asked my wife to try a sip, it had a strong aftertaste. She didn't have enough to feel, but I had quite a little bit and couldn't even detect a buzz from it. I'm not sure if I screwed something up or if it's my blasted resistance to all oral meds that's screwing me up. Probably the former, although the process seemed pretty simple.

    I'll probably try it with hash next time (when my harvest comes in a couple months) as I noticed that you didn't need to strain out the plant matter like I had to do with the vape poo. I used almost an ounce of vape poo to make about 3-4 tablespoons of citric mixture.
  15. I don't really use vaped herb to cook with very often, when I do it's usually with oil or alcohol and with each method it's a little different. I still recommend running a lot of vaped weed through your extraction medium in order to get a good effect, but with a citric extraction it's harder to strain.. it could be a method better left to fresher material. I was discussing with someone earlier today that this is a harsh method of extraction that requires surprisingly little heat, combined with the herb already being vaped, there's a chance the earliest runs performed which are then repeatedly cooled and re-heated, are more damaged by the end of the process, while conversely re-heating in oil is a much more gentle and time consuming process, actually preserving and continuing to break the glandular material down to a more digestible form.
    When straining and using fresh material with the resulting liquid, like you've done with your vaped herb, you'll still be leaving an awful lot of active material behind, but especially with vaped herb considering however little there is left to begin with. I probably should have mentioned more often that I've only used the citric extraction using freshly dried herb, and hash, and I rarely run herb more than twice.
    Another possibility on the opposite spectrum, is that the remains of the condensed glandular material from such well-decarbed or vaped herb usually don't break up as easily/fast in an alcohol (this is true especially for glycerin tincture) so extra-decarbed and brittle glands could possibly take longer to fall apart with citric acid as well, which would just make it a matter of additional time, and allowing the liquid results to sit a few extra days before using it. Both ways of looking at though seem to indicate that vaped herb may be too fragile, or too tedious to work with using citric acid. If I get a chance, I may try to experiment and find a way to better apply this extraction method to vaped-herb.. I've got some ideas that fall between flash-rinsing in a lower acid content wash, allowing the material to sit longer, or using no heat at all.

    But it may be a method that is better left for materials that need little-to-no straining. It seems likely that the initial potency you add to the citric acid, is the level you'll want to stay at.. and when starting with used-material, you'll end up with more sour than you will potency. It's a lot easier to strain vaped herb when using oil. And even better, it's easier to make a large but weak batch of base-oil from vaped bud, and to use that base oil for processing with either hash or fresh herb :)

    However many 'doses' you can milk out of that vaped material, even if it results in a larger amount of weak oil, those doses will still be present and will add to the 'total-dose-count' available in that oil, after you process additional canna through it.. the less oil you use, the more concentrated it is but the more you leave behind, while the more oil you use to dilute and thin it out, the less material you leave behind during the straining process.

  16. i think i got oil on the outside of the caps as i didnt have an eye dropper or anything and i made sure the oil was SOLID when i filled the caps.

    but they got flimsy a littllebit but hardened back up the next day, now they are a little deformed haha

  17. Or another option for storing in the freezer that I have been playing with is resealing frozen vegetable or other bags. Not quite as secure as a lockbox, but it's also a lot more stealthy. Get some bags of spinach or something and no one will ever get into your stash. :) Also works for chip bags and almost any type of heat sealed plastic or plastic coated bags.

    I made a little walkthrough on it a few weeks ago.
  18. When I was a bit younger I had a lot of house guests, and room mates.. I also did a lot of my own 'normal' gardening, and freezing veggies (still do), and I used to keep track of the veggies people disliked the most. People expected the freezer to always be full of brown paper bags and folded brown boxes with black marker labels on them, full of plastic-bagged veggies... "peppers", "onions", "garlic", "spinach", rosemary & other herbs, corn, peas... and so on.

    What I'd do is let the fresh and wet, or boiled veggies partially-freeze. Then I could easily hollow out the still-soft center of a box, or a large bag of brussel sprouts, or usually spinach, (creating what looked almost like a frozen window-frame or box made of veggies, or a hollow vegetable 'bowl' or bag).

    Then any capsules I made in quantity, or especially-potent cookies I wanted to save for later, would be stashed in a series of hollowed spinach boxes and bags in the big freezer, underneath a few bags of pure spinach.
    Sprinkling a thin layer of unfrozen, wet veggies on top and flattening them down, just after you add your bagged goodies, locks the veggie 'lid' in place once it's frozen.

    Since I never actually used the veggies from the hiding spot, I'd just rearrange them from time to time (and they would ultimately stick around the longest, being the greatest quantity of a single type of veggie around), whenever anyone asked what was up with "all that spinach", I just joked that I REALLY wanted arms like Popeye :p Otherwise I'd say that I wasn't a huge fan, and "do you want a bag?" from the top safe layer... the answer was only very rarely a yes :)
  19. Hmmm. I like that. I think your idea of making a vegetable box combined with resealing them inside the veggies would work great. I'm going to have to play with that some and adapt my technique a little to improve on it. :D
  20. Hello BadKitty,

    This thread is amazing! My wife read through some of it last night and found it very interesting. She kept jumping up and down in excitement over the various recipes you have listed. My question is you mention that a food dehydrator would be a good way to decarb marijuana. I've checked out some models online and see that their temperatures max out at around 160. Assuming we would set it to 160 how long would it take to reach our desired dryness? We would probably be using pretty fresh bud. Or I guess my question is how would we know when it's done?

    You also mention the use of Soy Lecithin in both cannabutter and oil production. I understand why it's effective but I'm confused on the quantity to use. Also, you mention using different types of oils to increase the effectiveness of cannaoil. Did I understand you correctly?

    Basically my question is what would be the best method for us to turn 1/8 oz of marijuana into cannabutter or oil. It sounds like that would involve a food dehydrator, Soy Lecithin and some patience.

    I apologize about the amateur question and I hope I didn't miss my answer somewhere. I'm really confused and that's probably somewhat insulting with the amount of time and effort you have put into education people in this thread. Thank you so much!

    PS. I'm so glad I found you! When I was younger I made butter out of a oz and it was a complete waste. We consumed all of it I believe in one day and barely got any effects. I'm excited to see how effective this method can be doing it properly.

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