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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Teaser :))): Home Made "Triple Berry Hash Wine"

    Depending how the mods and the powers that be, feel, I may or may not be sharing this recipe. It's up to them in the end; we share recipes for dragon, and other canna elixirs using alcohol, ISO alcohol extractions (toxic to drink of course), but if I'm not mistaken brewing is off-limits. If they'll allow me to share, under the pretense that any alcohol created during the process is 'incidental', then I'll gladly share the recipe and tutorial. Otherwise, we'll have to leave it at the teaser photos, and that's fine by me if necessary :)

    You can use canna as a flavoring (and not for potency) by adding pure, sterilized bud before fermentation, or you can add activated extracts, as I've done, if you do want potency.

    I'll just add this... ten or fifteen bottles in the grow room, doesn't hurt your CO2 levels :D




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  2. You are a true "Cannaisseur" :D
  3. Hey man thank you for turning me on to these.I havent tried put plan to make the pills.How is the high? Do they smell like bud?
  4. The capsules only smell during the process if you break the seal while heating the oil, if that's what you're asking :) When you store them in a sealed container, the instant you open it they do have a good smell, but this can be taken care of by using a desiccant sachet. I notice the bottles I use the sachets in don't have an odor, while those that don't have a pack, smell pretty good :)

    Just tried uploading some (very short) vids of the wine... let's see if I can make this work.....
  5. Apparently you can't embed videos here, it only works with youtube because of the auto-embed. So, here are the links to the vids.... not nearly as fun as embedding them :mad: lol.

    These have been sitting still for the last 48 hours, they weren't shaken up, that's the natural amount of 'movement' when things are running smoothly. I'm always a little worried the yeast will get 'stoned', and will then function less than efficiently :p But if anything, it seems to give them the munchies...
  6. You're a mad scientist BadKitty! Great job you do and all that you share! First class all the way aye!
  7. So why hasn't this been stickied yet?

  8. I was wondering the same thing.....we must b long lost cousins or something
  9. :)

    Reserved for: "'Not Your Moms' Pot Brownies"

    just a note... - I'm going through my in-box later tonight, I'm not ignoring anyone! For those who've asked, I unfortunately can not send or sell you edibles. As much as I'd like to share, and as much as I enjoy sharing with friends and visitors, we just don't live in a safe era for doing so over the net and post. I wouldn't feel comfortable taking your addresses, or accepting payments. Maybe one day in the distant future, if the gub'ment ever eases up on this simple plant :) It's definitely unfortunate, considering it's legal and acceptable to ship chemicals and substances that are actually hazardous when used normally. So until that day comes, I'm more than happy to share my recipes and make tutorials, so you folks can make your own :D Quality edibles shouldn't be limited just to dispensaries, so I'm more than willing to help all sides of the community, officially, and otherwise :)




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  10. Sell someone a pot brownie, get them high for a day. Teach someone how to make pot brownies, get them high for a lifetime:smoke:
  11. BadKitty... you're awesome man! Seriously, what you are creating in your kitchen is beyond compare. Rachel Ray.... move on over LOL. I'm gonna have to get my Monkee dialed in to cooking with canna. Looks like a heckuva a lot of fun to me.

    Is, "While my brownie hash decarbs", hummed to the tune of "While my guitar gently weeps", by chance?
  12. Heheh, it could be :p

    On a personal note, I've had to cut back on my smoke intake lately with the infrequent harvests, I'm down to two or three half-herb, half-hash, bowls per day.. congratulations are in order! I'd rather smoke bud than hash, but the bud stash is dwindling... makes it easier to cut back, I've got plenty hash so it's easy to turn my nose up at it. But if that was running out I'd probably be craving it more :)

    Anyway, I've been cutting back, haven't even had the time to devote a day to a good edible in a week or more, and this morning I split three brownies with a very canna-experienced friend visiting from over-seas, we had one, and a half each.. not only did he green out and spend 9 hours sleeping in the spare room, but I just about greened out myself! With my digestion, I didn't think it was a possibility for me with a standard (cake-cookie-style) edible anymore, or even remotely possible, without taking two or three capsules right in a row.

    I spent the last few hours, wandering from room to room when I wasn't stuck to the couch, forgetting what I was doing less than ten steps from the origin of the thought that sent me there, without any sense of time (or balance... it's been a looong time since my coordination has been affected by the herb). I eye-balled the hash and herb for the brownies, I may have over-done it by a couple grams. It was really, actually enjoyable..
    It was exactly what I love to see happen to others when I feed folks edibles, it's sort of novel feeling this way myself :p

    It seems like sometimes, if you smoke enough, for long enough, just cutting back counts as a solid t-break :)

    That, or I'm hitting one of those lucky pockets of time in your life, when you're a little more susceptible to the effects of the herb, than usual :hello:

    Mum always said it would happen one day :D
  13. I've a question. Friend of mine went to Amstam a few years back. Getting in the "ready to party" mode he consumed a brownie purchased there. Within an hour he said he was puking up bile - made him sick as he'd ever been for hours upon hours, and he definitely did not party for the next 24 hours. Now this old boy was no stranger to mass consumption of all types of illiciit intoxicants but the brownie he ate was too much for him to handle. Now your story above.

    So, my question is thus: When you cook with canna, i.e. "heat applied" does it produce a product that is so heavily "narcotic" (for lack of a better word) that it just sends one completely into that type of zone - narcotic? And in your experience is the affect received from cooking with canna dependent upon strain type, i.e. sativa vs. indica? (ok... that was two Q's :)).

    Thanks for any feedback BKS. You rock!
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    Oh yes, you can definitely have too much :) I spend a lot of time around the holidays feeding a range of folks with varying experience from a few different spots around the globe, that's when I'm most likely to see people bent over toilets, bins (sinks :hide: ). I'm usually a bit... 'less than sober' myself, and less likely to be watching what everyone's eating.. that's something you can't really say for many other substances eh'? When people over-do it with other things, to the degree we can safely over-do it with canna, there goes their mind, body (or life). Even if that's a little harsh, it's at least interesting just how strong, but also how tame, our canna really is.

    If you steadily get enough into your system over the course of time, it becomes less and less likely to happen, but if you take what you'd normally have in X amount of time, a few hours or a days worth for instance, and overwhelm your system with a highly available, concentrated dose, in a shorter period of time, you can end up pretty ill, sometimes for longer than the happy effects would usually last you.

    I usually never eat a full days worth of my smoke in one sitting for instance, when I've spent the time making my oil right. If I was a bit lazy, or not in the mood or didn't have time to do it properly, and made a quick pale green butter (with most of that hashy glandular material still 'whole'), I could eat three or four days worth of smoke in one sitting, and not even come close to greening out. Other people find the same amount of processing either more, or less available to their systems.. even smoking the same herb effects people slightly differently, but it broadens that gap a little further, when eating it.
    And it's a different experience, under-done butter or oil I mean.. something about a concentration of the range of cannabinoids that are activated early, versus activating the full spectrum so to speak. But it's still just a degree between being completely under-processed, and fully processed, that's why people can put an oz into a batch of quick oil and feel 'something', then put the same oz into a batch of oil they plan on processing properly, and green out from the same or less material.
    This is why it's so hard to suggest dosage to people, they say they'll be processing it one way, then they turn around and do it too quickly, and wonder why they only felt a 'slight buzz'.. the slight buzz only indicates the process had begun, not that it's anywhere near completion. Then the next time, they think "well I'll double the amount", but then they process it fully or better than before, and spend the next 24 hours in the bathroom! It's hard to find a happy medium without being precise in the measurements, and the process.

    I definitely use the word narcotic by definition when speaking about a strong, highly activated concentrated oil :) Enough of almost anything can produce more violent effects, so we're pretty fortunate that the worst that happens is a little (well, sometimes a lot of) puking, then a long sleep.
    You'll be stoned the following day, but the day after, and you're back to normal. Have enough sugar though, and after the puking, you're feeling dragged out and generally 'off' for several weeks while everything from your liver to your brain recovers. That's why canna when used properly can be such great medicine, it can have a strong narcotic effect, without the consequences that so many, even 'lesser', substances would inflict.

    As far as strain differences go, yes, you'll not only notice a difference between sativa and indica, but after a while you'll begin to recognize individual strain characteristics through eating. As a broad generalization I consider my sativa edibles my 'uppers', and my indicas my 'downers' :) But the unique traits of the individual often come through as well, this is most probably due also to the preservation of certain terpenes within the oil.

    Hope this help :)
  15. WoW BKS! That is like a review right out of Alexander Shulgin's anecdotal archives! Very cool. I've never had canna processed in the way we're discussing. It seems to me this is a much better method for achieving medicinal affect than "high" affect and if I ever encounter the substance I'll certainly remember all this info and make every attempt to NOT green out (I love that term). Great stuff! Thanks for taking the time to write that up. :hello:
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    Hey Kat. I have a couple questions for you about vaping. I love the citric acid approach, I've never heard of that one before, although having had a fair bit of chem and organic it doesn't surprise me any, but I was wondering if you know if it works with vape remains.

    What are some other suggestions you might have for what the best processing methods would be to get the most out of vape leftovers. I know you say you tend to pass yours off, but I lost my dealer and I think about 2g of mids and an ounce of vape poo is all to tide me over for a couple months until harvest :(

    I have never cared for the taste of weed, but I love sweet and sour, so the citric acid extraction is almost like heaven. I could make so many tasty things with it. I know I'll be trying it a lot when I start harvesting, but I wasn't sure if it would work with vape leftovers. Not sure I want to use up what precious little THC I'll have this next couple months to experiment myself. :D

    Oh, and last, what kind of yields do you get on the 10 or 15 gallon buckets like the pics you had? I'm thinking of trying to grow 2 monsters like that instead of the 6-8 smaller plants I could fit in my grow tent, but not sure the best ratios to get the best yields for the space I have.
  17. #137 BadKittySmiles, Mar 12, 2011
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    Before you get larger pots, you need to make sure your environment is 100% dialed in, and that it is basically just as healthy as the great outdoors.. otherwise, large pots can do more harm than good. Without the proper ventilation, fresh air intake or at least a good supply of CO2, the plants won't grow rapidly enough, and the root systems often won't grow quickly enough to keep that much damp medium stable, and once it starts going off, it's hard to get back on track (weed can take a lot of abuse, you sometimes won't even know anything is wrong with such a healthy looking plant, until it comes time to scale your harvest and your yield is lower than it should be).
    I'd suggest building up to those pot sizes with each successful grow you have, so as you improve and tweak your grow space, start bumping up your pot size. You'd see a better yield in healthy 3 gallons pots, than you would from unhealthy 15 gallons! Until then a larger number of plants, in smaller pots, will get you a decent yield.. it's a technique better suited for breeding (variety in numbers, it's how I find suitable breeders and studs in smaller-than-warehouse spaces) but will still get you a fairly huge yield, if your plants and room are all in tip-top shape.

    When using vaped herb especially, you'll want to keep running the same citric liquid (or oil) through fresh decarbed canna/material, gently heat processing and straining out the resulting oil or acid-canna-blend, then you'd use that liquid with freshly vaped (or decarbed) herb, repeating the process until the desired strength is achieved. That's the best way to keep from eating or drinking a half cup of oil or citric acid, just to get a little medication. After 3 or 4 runs it should be pretty concentrated, and if you're really on conservation-mode you can even save that material, and try to juice out a little more with future runs.. for instance back in the day, I'd freeze and save my old used canna from previous oil batches, make a fresh (but diluted) oil from the old stuff, and use the resulting oil as a starter 'base' for my fresh material. If you do it the other way around (fresh stuff first, then the old/used), you're more likely to leave behind fresh potency during the straining process, than you are to acquire more.

    The citric extraction is GREAT for sour candies, sometimes when I'm lazy and looking for a quick buzz, I'll just mash some up with a mix of regular and powdered sugars, and eat it.. sour!!! but it tastes exactly like a canna version of those good old sour warhead candies :D

    Hope this helps.. sorry it took me so long to get back to you, I tend to try and help out in the other edible-threads as much as possible, and didn't even realize there were new replies here :)
  18. Yup, that helps a lot. I bought everything I needed for the citric acid extraction and I'll give it a try some time very soon. It sounds like we have similar tastes. I was thinking of doing what you suggested with mixing with sugar for the quick buzz. Most of the time quick edibles work best since I at least try to keep my hobby under wraps from the kids. Something like a quick canna-warhead would be 50x better than firecrackers to get high.

    You also got me thinking about your wine. Even though I don't drink alcohol I've been considering brewing like that to give my plants CO2 as it seems like a very smart way to cheaply add it. :)

    Oh, one more question. Although I understand now the advantages of lethicin, when I went to the local Whole Foods they didn't have it powdered, they just had grains that were a little larger than grains of sugar but mushy. They also had liquid. Would those work?
  19. You can brew your own tasty beverages, that produce more CO2, for less than the cost of those $50.00 CO2 bucket kits you see on ebay and in some hydro shops. And for that cost, you could use some quality fresh fruits and pricier honey and sugars (for that cost, if you weren't drinking the stuff, you could make 10+ kits yourself).. The two bottles from earlier probably cost me $15 to make, and that was mostly spent on 3-4lbs of fruit. It probably wouldn't impress Hannibal Lecter, but it comes out a lot better than just about anything you can find at the corner store.. and they'd likely have some wine and beer that would cost you more than $15 - $20 a gallon :)
    With good brewers yeast, and enough sugar, you can get some serious bubbling. And I'm into the whole re-using containers thing, limiting waste etc., so I hang onto large glass liquor bottles if I think I'll ever use them.. they're 'free' if I was planning on buying their contents anyway, and with only minor modifications they are usually perfect for brewing and storage :)

    If you don't drink much, a few bottles of home brew makes a nice gift :) You can get some neat little 375 ml wine bottles, pop a bow on each one, and with a gallon you can fill 10 bottles, making five nice gifts (or ten stocking-stuffers). On and off I'll make up small batches of sake, wine, mead, metheglin which is honey and spices, miodomel (honey and hops), hard cider... it's all too easy so long as you get the sterilization down, I keep a pot of boiling water going the whole process, immediately before each step everything gets sterilized, and then re-sterilized as I work. It's legal to brew just about everywhere, so long as you don't try distilling anything hard.. with hard liquor, that's when you run into concentrations of dangerous byproducts such as methyl alcohol, and you can create ignitable fumes, or leaks causing explosions, which is the justification behind why it's generally illegal to distill hard liquor in the home, but legal to brew the safer alternatives.

    I won't go into the details any further, it's 100% legal the way I've done it (minus the hash ;) ), but this is still a canna site, and I think they'd appreciate it if I just left it at that :)

    Just remember if you want the added effect, you need to add activated, broken down glandular material, but if you just want a canna-flavor, you can experiment with various parts of the plant from the stems, to the leaves, to even the roots, and of course the buds (the stems on individual leaves, separated from the foliage itself, actually taste and smell very good.. they can add fruity/musky tones, terpenes, and can be used similarly as a bittering agent).

    I also use hops in most anything I brew that includes canna, even recipes which normally wouldn't allow it, just to add to the levels of myrcene.. which is the terpene available in, and responsible for all the hype, over mangoes :)
  20. Do you happen to have your own cookbook available for purchase? :yummy:

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