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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. If they carry it in your local grocery store (and a lot of the time, they don't), then it could be in one, the other, or both: the baking area, or the health-food vitamin/supplement aisle :)

    Try Rite-Aid, CVS, and other similar pharmacies, at any of those places you should be able to at least find a small bottle of loose, or encapsulated lecithin powder. Small 'mom & pop' health food shops sometimes have it by the bag as well.
  2. Hey I've got one of those cheap VP-100 box-type vaporizers. Would it not be as potent if I used vaped weed vs decarbing in the oven?

    Im wondering how much potency is lost since your consuming the vapor rather than keeping it contained in the oven method
  3. With pre-vaped weed you will want to use more weight/material than when using freshly decarbed bud, proper decarbing (when not vaporizing) should result in only minimal, to no cannabinoid loss if sealed well enough, while when vaping you're using a good few of those cannabinoids.

    To be honest I've only cooked with vaped herb a few times and they were personal batches, I rarely measure quantities except for my tutorials, or when making batches for others (so this would be overkill for some), I'd say that I used maybe double the weight in vaped bud, compared to what I'd normally use.

    The reason I say this may be overkill, is because a surprisingly large amount of the herbs weight in the first place comes from glandular material. Putting it this way, if you're weighing it out, the same plant matter which was once 5 grams, pre-vape, after being vaped may now only weigh 2 - 3 grams, and that weight is likely still made up of a good deal of glandular material.
    So, if you use vaped herb in a total weigh of 5 grams, that will certainly be more total inert (impotent) plant matter, than the same weight in un-vaped/decarbed bud, but it should be at least somewhat close to the same glandular content.

    That being said, and keeping in mind I used double the weight myself and can't know how much or little your material will be depleted, I'd suggest using anywhere from 25 - 33 percent (a quarter to a third) more vaped herb.

    Sorry I couldn't be much more help :eek: Cooking with vaped bud is only something I've gone through with a couple times, it does work just fine when you use enough, but more often than not I usually end up giving my vape-leavings away for others to smoke or cook with.
  4. This tread is awesome!:hello::D

    You are a fantastic grower and an amazing chef/chemist/maniac!;):p:D

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information with us. I can't wait to get started on making as many of these recipes as I can!

    BadKittySmiles = BadMotherF***er!::smoke:
  5. You really have utilized cannabis in so many ways, and are willing to show GC the ins and outs of your uses of this plant in great detail with great pictures +rep thank you
  6. wow dis is AWESOME you kno alot about weed lol evrthin looks tasty :yummy:
  7. Thank you very much badkitty! So informative! Thanks to you I'm learning much more about the plant I love :D keep up the insane recipes!
  8. I'm with freezmcgee 'cept with the last part. :D

    I vote that BadKittySmiles=OneGoodBadMomma! :wave:

    You rock GurL! AwesomeNess! :)
  9. hi, i am going to try out the citric acid extraction and i just wanted to know if this sounds like the right amount of each ingredient to use:

    7g of vaped bud (cus u said 20% more if its vaped)

    5 tsp of water (which is 2 to 3 times more because im not using hash)

    6 tsp of citric acid (2 to 3 times more because im not using hash + more because i am using water)

    lastly, what do you mean when u say i want to make several runs with that liquid using divided portions. thx ahead of time, awesome thread:)
  10. Hello :)

    What I mean by several runs, is that you should process as much herb as you can in your citric acid liquid (hopefully your 7 g), strain, then use that resulting acidic/cannabinoid liquid to put through another 5 or 6 grams of fresh/vaped material.. you'll need to use progressively less material as you leave liquid and trace amounts of the citric acid behind when straining, and finally, you should result with a small amount of very concentrated extract... the fewer runs, the less potent it will be, and the more sour flavor you'll need to add to your recipe in order for a nice effect. The more runs you make, the less you'll have to use, and the less sour flavor you'll be adding because the ratio of active material has increased during those runs, while the citric acid has not.

    Hope this helps!
  11. perfect, i was going to just use 7g, its good to know that i should add more
  12. If you've got nothing better to do with your vapor-poo, use as much as you can :) The citric oil keeps for ages in the freezer if you end up making a decent amount, just be sure your storage container can handle cold temps.

    When making coconut canna oil, or even with olive oil (especially if I blend a little coconut oil in as well), I like freezing enough for 24 batches of baked-style edibles, like brownies or cookies, in ice-cube trays... you just twist and pop the cubes out once they're frozen, and bag them up in oven bags (low porosity, helps keeps the goodness in and the bad stuff out) so they keep fresh :D

    Just have to grab a cube any time you feel like spicing up a recipe :)
  13. #114 BadKittySmiles, Mar 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 9, 2011
    "Smokin' Hot Ham"


    Simple :)

    You will need:

    - A sliced ham; store-bought & pre cooked (cooking it yourself a bit first as well, will reduce the later cooking time & the water weight.. you can pour off the excess, and your marinade won't be diluted during cooking)

    - 1 tsp liquid smoke

    - 1 tsp corn starch

    - 1/2 tsp Hash oil

    - 1/2 tsp chipotle pepper

    - 3 Tbsp honey

    - 3 Tbsp Glycerin Hash Tincture, Egg Nog flavor or plain

    - Foil

    Preheat your oven to 325f. Blend all ingredients in a separate cup. Drizzle over your warm, pre-cooked ham, pulling the individual pieces back as your pour so it's all exposed inside and out. Wrap it up entirely in your foil, you want little to no air exchange, or vapor escape. Bake for 35 minutes. Allow 5 minutes to cool the sauce down a bit (don't worry, the ham stays nice and hot) before unwrapping.

    When it comes out you should have a very flavorful ham, and a nice, thick, potent dipping-glaze :)


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  14. Hoochie Momma!
  15. BadKat, what would be a good recipe for making oil or butter with just weed? I have butter, coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and veg oil at my disposal, what do you recommend, or does it even matter? I wish i could cook with keif or day i will:smoke:
  16. The Canna Bombs recipe has a quick bud butter/oil tutorial suitable for larger amounts of herb on the stove-top, if that's easier :) Just seal it up well, foil first, lid on top. The perfectionist in me still suggests coconut oil, as both a multi-purpose and a superior oil source to most others, but if a traditional recipe calls for butter of course that works very well, and I'll often do blends myself.
    The best way to fully process smaller amounts of her, just two or three grams, without the risk of damaging your material which is (but doesn't need to be) more likely when using smaller amounts, would be to follow the ceramic dish recipe used for hash.

    You would just substitute well-ground herb for the hash, decarb, then follow the oil process for slightly longer than directed when using hash, where you've got both loose glands, and additional glandular material you're pulling from the plant matter. I give around an hour and a half for decarbed hash, over the course of a few heatings, and anywhere from two to five hours for decarbed herb... even longer is safe if you want to pull every last drop, just so long as you keep your container sealed well and closely monitor your heat, for instance I went about 10 hours with the Canna Bomb herb, turning the heat completely off several times, removing the lid once cooled, to stir, replacing the lid and turning the heat back on several times.

    I usually suggest a double boiler, rather than a crock pot, because you should only use a crock pot if you can fill it at least half way, and keep it that full the entire duration of the process, which sometimes requires more herb than most people have laying around.. the reason is that the ceramic lining can shatter, if it's heated for so long when less than half full. If that happens, you'd risking losing both your lining and the electric crock pot itself, as well as your canna in the process. You'd need either a relatively small crock pot, more oil than is recommended, or just a larger amount of herb. Otherwise it's best to buy, or layer two pots together with a buffer of water between the two, making a jerry-rigged double boiler.

    That probably covered more than you wanted to know, lol. Hope it helps :)
  17. Thx, i'm gonna try the double boiler method when I get some weight in a few days. So with the double boiler method, i saw that the herb turned brown, but did the actually weed get 'burnt' or 'crisp'? I ask b/c when experimenting w/ a single servings worth of cannabutter, my weed tends to get 'crisp', or "burnt" sorta speak. This doesn't seem to be right, so if cannabutter/oil is done right, it will be brown, but the weed will still be soft and gushy, not burnt or crisp? THx again
  18. I notice more of a kind of crisping-effect in a glycerin tincture than I do in my oil.. but I think I get where you're coming from, it sounds normal, the herb will change a bit by the end, it should go dark, and it seems like it's not as 'soft' without its glandular material.
    If you think you're actually burning it, though, probably just take the heat down a couple - 5 degrees, or take a few mini heat-breaks between processing.

    When making a glycerin tincture (not really on topic, but as far as crispiness goes), knowing that pure glycerin will absorb up to 20% its weight in atmospheric moisture, even with very little heat it completely dries out your herb, and by the end it really comes out feeling very 'brittle'.
  19. I'm waiting on the "breath sprays" they look godly!

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