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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Hi guys :wave: Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad folks are enjoying the recipes, and that people have been having success with the canna hash candies :hello:

    I'm also glad you're still with me here, I haven't forgot about you, I've been plagued with migraines all week long.. happens a few times a year, usually when the seasons are changing. Feeling better now though, and moving on.... :)

    "Herbed Salmon, & Buttery 'Bud Buns'"




    - 1 ½ cups flour

    - ½ cup warm water, little less, or a little more

    - ¼ cup powder full cream milk

    - 1 egg

    - 2 tsp sugar

    - 2 tsp italian herbs

    - 1 tsp black lava salt

    - 1 tsp lecithin powder

    - ¾ tsp baking powder

    - ½ tsp golden syrup or molasses

    - ½ tsp yeast

    - ½ tsp bud & hash oil (or one, or the other)


    Put water on the stove, the kettle, or in the microwave for 20 seconds or so.

    Mix all your dry ingredients, except for the sugar.

    Mix sugar, golden syrup or molasses, and half cup gently warmed water (not too hot, just warm to the touch), then add yeast, and whisk with a fork for one minute. Set aside.

    If in a few moments the yeast water is frothy, it means that it's active and you're ready to go.

    Mix all ingredients together now, finishing with the canna oil.


    Now you can either wait for it to rise, then make bread, or you can roughly form the shape you need, and cover it with well-greased plastic wrap. I made 4 buns/slices, and a small slab of dinner bread.



    After two or so hours, preheat your oven at 375f, remove the plastic wrap, and bake for 18 - 28 minutes, shorter for the buns, longer for the bread.

    The salmon was briefly broiled until the outside was done, then glazed with a thick Italian herb and hash, citric vinaigrette (citric acid extraction), then broiled again even more briefly, leaving the center slightly rare.



    - Camembert, and Colby cheeses

    - Basil Mayo

    - Seasoned Salmon filets

    - Buns

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  2. Hoe leak rap!
    Epic thread!
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    I told you we'd get healthy soon :)

    This will provide you with the strongest, easiest extraction yet. Less (or even no) heat involved, meaning less possible damage vaporization and loss of cannabinoids, and it performs an incredibly efficient extraction and break-down of glandular material.. I find it much more reliable than oil. And it has a wide range of uses, anything that blends well with, or can hide a touch of sour citrus flavor. You can even thin it out and lace pre-baked cakes and cookies, by drizzling it evenly over their surface.

    It's incredible with steak (I mix some in with my marinades, and it hides perfectly in A-1 Steak Sauce), chicken (an Italian oil and vinegar seasoned rub, goes amazing with the canna citrus flavor), cookies, lemon cakes, apple pie... you only need just a touch. And a hint of citrus can bring out all the sweet and savory essences of the dish you're preparing.
    If you've ever had a 'sour warhead', that's basically what the pure mix tastes like when blended with a hint of sugar. You'll notice that, as it dissolves on or under your tongue, that there are no solid hashy glands remaining or left behind.

    It also makes a fantastic beverage base.. summery drinks are perfect with a hint of canna citrus flavor. I'm preparing for the good weather :cool:

    It requires very few tools and supplies, and you can be as healthy as you'd like with it; you can wet the citric powder for processing using cider vinegar, rice vinegar, wine vinegar, a strong alcohol, or even water. If discretion is necessary, all you'll need is your hash or herb, a small jar, a little water, and your citric acid (found at any pharmacy, health food store, and probably WalMart as well).


    "Citric Acid Extraction: The Easiest and Most Discreet Extraction"

    Pre-decarbing, is not necessary.. and here's why :)

    Citric like any acid, functions when in contact with organic substances in its concentrated form, by undergoing a process of oxidization, or 'redox'. This is otherwise know as a kind of low grade combustion, or more correctly, burning and combusting material is a kind of redox. It causes a chemical reaction and change in the material it comes into contact with, releasing the carbon elements, and water vapor, in other words, decarboxylating the material.
    In concentrations high enough, it can be mixed with water, and still actually draw the moisture out from the material it comes into contact with, into the solution, where it will rapidly evaporate along with the rest of the water content. During this process it almost ruthlessly breaks down the glandular material into a very fine crystalline paste, and with gentle heat (or a few days in a sealed container) the fragments, barely holding their shape together, will melt in your mouth.

    Two methods; hash, bud.

    The only difference process-wise between the two, is that when using bud, you'll need to divide your canna and use two to three times the liquid and citric powder, saturating your bud, and you'll want to make several runs with that liquid using the divided portions, if you'd like it very close to hash-strength.

    This is the easiest extraction someone can make if discretion is a must, if you don't have any privacy, or many tools, it doesn't matter; you don't need any suspicious supplies beyond your bud or hash.. just a jar, vinegar (or even water), and powdered citric acid. You'd just mix them up appropriately, and let them sit for a few days, air it out allowing the moisture to evaporate, and repeat once more.. it's the fastest heatless extraction you could hope for, and with a little sugar, it goes great in many beverages from soda, to hot or iced tea, as well as in many sweet and savory meals..


    You will need:

    - a small glass jar, for final storage (some plastics will -melt- from not only the citric acid, but the combination of the acid and the glandular material)

    - hash or herb.. for the tutorial I used about 5 grams hash

    - 1 ½ - 2 tsp powdered citric acid

    - 2 tsp vinegar


    - 2 tsp alcohol


    - 2 tsp water (use extra ½-1tsp citric powder)

    optional, speeds things up

    - lecithin

    - ceramic dish

    - oven

    - foil



    Add your canna, lecithin, and citric powder to a blender or mortar and pestle.


    Blend well.

    When finished, after only mixing the powders together, you'll notice already that your glands have begun breaking down and you've got a very sticky, tacky mix. That's the acid already going to work at drying out and breaking down your material.


    Now, add your liquid. Blend further.

    It begins evaporating very quickly, you'll want to transfer it to your ceramic dish or jar soon now. It's already very, very sticky at this point, a bit like a longer Iso soak mixed with kief. Note: don't touch it as I have done here.. my finger tips are caloused from working with ph down, trimming by hand, stamping out lit bowls, and making these sort of concoctions.. this amount of acid could potentially burn you, or leave you with tender, sore and inflamed skin.



    Prepare to either: finish, by jarring your mix, and letting it sit for several days, or up to a week.

    Or, spoon it into your oven safe container, wrap with foil, and heat at 180 degrees for 10 minutes... this is enough to drastically speed the process up.



    By now, you should have a very dark, glossy, oily mix.

    This is the mix, compared to the a sample from same batch that was not put in the oven (on the left).



    Seal well in a jar at this point for immediate use, or set aside for one to two days (to achieve a peak gloss before the final step).

    24 hours later...


    2 days later.. the sample left out, and not exposed to heat, has turned quite dark now.



    And we're done :) I like to let mine dry out fully, then add a few drops of alcohol, or vinegar, and then call it finished. Just the tiniest few drops (or the smallest, sticky crumble when it's a bit 'dried') in anything sweet or savory, and you're set and medicated for a good, long time.


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    "Glowing Strawberry Mango POW! (right in the kisser)"
    ...made using the citric acid extraction.


    Made right after the extraction.. This is how I clean the spoon I use, when transferring the extraction from the ceramic dish, to the final jar :D



    - 1 citric hash covered spoon (you can just use a dose, or however much you'd like)

    - few drops each of Strawberry and Mango glycerin tincture (or just a flavoring of your choice)

    - 2 teaspoons sugar

    - 1 Tbsp water

    - splash of tonic water

    - Topped off with ginger ale


    Mix your sugar, water, tincture, and citric extraction in your glass. Add a splash of tonic water, and top off with ginger ale.

    Lights on, and it still glows :)


    Lights off, and it glows better :D


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  5. im still in shock from the first couple pages but now im buggin
    that just looks vicious
  6. If I were to use your recipe but only use 1.5grams of good weed, how intense do you think a dose would be?
  7. I'm not sure if this has been asked, but how do some of your recipes have reaction to UV light (i.e. your hash candies)?
  8. I always feel like it blows the mystery, but it's just tonic water :)

    I mention it on the first page.. and that I was hesitant to give out my 'secret recipe' :p but gave in since it's not so very secret :) But yes, tonic water has quinine which glows a nice blue hue under UV/Black light, it's well recognized, and already drinkable and of food grade, so a lot of the guesswork in that regard is done for you.
    It's an acquired taste (bitter), but blended with the right ingredients, fruit, sugars, and you hardly notice it.

    It's how I make my glowing bong water as well, with a fraction of a touch of food coloring (that part is for good, glass bongs only, not plastic.. if it doesn't stain a drinking glass, it shouldn't stain your glass bong) and sometimes a fruity flavoring, I made a thread on it a while back.

    And as far as dosage information goes it's different for everyone, I can only tell you what the recommended starting dose would be for an edible made with bud, which is .35 grams.. so with 1.5 grams, that would be a bit over 4 doses, and usually we tell people to eat half a dose, and wait 40 minutes or so before deciding whether or not to eat the other.
    If you're a regular smoker and you smoke to get stoned, you'll probably want the whole thing, in which case I usually like to initially eat half, and then just ten to fifteen minutes later eat the rest, the little delay after the initial hit seems to trick my digestive tract into allowing the second wave slide in a little more easily. Same goes for the capsules I should mention, if I'm looking for a very intense experience I'll take two, especially when I've made someone a weaker batch and and I have spares, spacing them out over about fifteen minutes, which seems to provide me with a solid onset and a more prolonged intense sensation.

    I hope this helps! :D
  9. I think you are my hero. I can't read this all right now but I've got all day tomorrow to peruse your posts. My boyfriend wants to grow himself and I want to experiment with cooking when I have a more unlimited supply to play with in the future.:)
  10. just made my canna pills!!
    thanks again badcat!!
    i used 6.2 grams of kief/hash and had to add some extra oils to make the mixture into an oil instead of wet sand. turned out great and i got 24 pills out of it:hello:
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    Awesome! :hello: Sounds like they'll be some strong meds indeed, especially if you made them around the same dose I use :smoke:

    I've been going through some old emails (more reliable for long-term storage than hard
    drives, I've discovered) and thought these old photos may be fun to share, to mix things
    up from the monotony of cooking :D

    And I thought you may want to see where the hash and herb I cook with, comes from :)
    So it's educational too :p Hope you enjoy them. From a few of my earliest crops grown
    overseas, to some more recent ventures:

    This is the original photo and bud from my avatar, using 10 and 15 gallon pots
    indoors (biggest I'll use inside for convenience when not breeding):

    Original photo & plant that nug came from..







    Dried cured feralocity nug..








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  12. :eek: Those are some AWESOME looking buds. Huge bush too! Nice :hello:
  13. can you say.....

  14. ^ agreed. I:love:BadKat
  15. Props I'm no chef and I don't fox with capsules but I learned something about decarboxylation and im gonna try adding this lecithin shit soon
  16. You sir, are a cannibis god.
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    Is sunflower lecithin acceptable? or must it be soy?

    having a bit of trouble finding SOY lecithin but sunflower lecithin is everywhere.
  18. You guys are too kind :) I'm glad you're still checking in and scoping everything out, I've been a little busy with the house, growing, work, etc. but I'll be posting the full recipes for everything I've been neglecting in here very soon.

    Soy lecithin can be found in most health food stores, some pharmacies, some grocery stores, probably wal-mart.. I buy mine online. You can use Amazon, ebay, and dozens (if not hundreds) of small internet shops. You want food-grade, natural and unbleached lecithin... it generally is a simple and natural food product, and that's what you'll find more often than not, but you can find it processed for cosmetics and other more industrial applications as well, so just avoid those.

    I buy lbs around harvest time and use it all at once, then I'll pick up just 3-4oz's at a time every couple weeks during the down-time... buying entire lbs when things are slow, then sitting on it for too long, tends to make the lecithin powder go tacky and clumpy with frequent use, repeatedly removing it from an airtight container... I'd rather let a company store it for me properly, and fresh, when I'm not using it :)
  19. Wow what a great guide. This should be stickied imo.
  20. Do u have to get the lecithin online? Where is it in the grocery store oli was looking by the spices and vanilla extract and shit

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