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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. I've never seen such a cool set of recipes. It's too bad you can't make some recipe books somehow, cause I think I would buy one. Do you do this for a dispensary somewhere or is this all just a hobby??
  2. This is one of the best threads I've seen here on GC. +rep for sure, I can't wait to try these out!!!
  3. This thread is beyond legend
  4. After following this for a while, I gotta give you rep (hope it counts, im still a noob).. Still can't figure out why this isn't stickied yet.. :hello:
  5. I've got about 1.5g to 2g of kief. I wanna make the candies, how much bud should I put in the butter ontop of the kief? Still use about 3tbl of butter? If you splash a lil extra tonic will they glow more?
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    Really glad you guys are enjoying the recipes :) I'll be finishing up page two, tonight.

    Use about 2 - 2.5 tsp of coconut oil or butter for your hash (to answer Judge's q), just be sure that you have a small enough ceramic dish. Check out ebay, there are usually a few for less than $5-6. An alternative you can use (it's just harder to to seal properly) is a muffin tray. You could also try fashioning a make-shift 'bag' or container, using a few layers of foil.
    You can either use enough sugar so you can enjoy a few pieces at once, without feeling like you'll have too high a dose (or like you're wasting your meds because they taste so good), or you can cut down on the sugar for stronger individual doses. If you want to combat the bitterness of the tonic water, my favorite flavor to use is 'mango' (LorannGourmet is a good brand, you can buy them by the dram for a dollar or two, or enough to flavor a few small batches).

    Reserved for: "Hash Blondies" a sugar cookie made with flaked coconut, seasoned with hash oil, nutmeg, a Boston Cream hash tincture, and blended coconut cream :)


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  7. That is the most amazing recipe I've seen yet! I absolutely love sugar cookies :eek::yummy:
  8. Wowwwwww I'd love to sit down and enjoy that baked chicken dinner with a bunch of friends. If only...

  9. this. sticky for sure. +rep x10000
  10. Hello again :wave: Glad you're still with me here.. it's been a long process :p

    I've finally uploaded and finished the tutorial recipes for:

    Herbed Chicken & Biscuits

    Spicy 'Coconut Chicken', Thai Hash Soup (aka Tom Kar soup)


    'Fair Dinkum', Hashy Aussie Meat Pie

    I'll be periodically posting an index or link-able table of contents, for easier browsing.

    Here are the earlier recipes:

    - High Grade Medical Caps using Lecithin

    - High Grade Caps, w/out Lecithin

    - Alternate Caps, using liquid cooking oils

    - Sloppy Caps

    - UV Reactive GLOWING Hash Candy

    - Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Canna BOMBS

    - Raspberry Hashy Mudslides


    - No Bakes, that Get You Baked
  11. Reserved for: "Instant 'Herbal' Iced Coffee"


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  12. this looks exciting, lol thanks :)
  13. Reserved for: "Sausage Cheese Bread, w/ Pepperoni & herbs"



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  14. Reserved for: "Canna Apple Dumplings"


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  15. Apple Dumplings!!? I think I just died of happiness.

    All who say sticky say I! :hello:
  16. :eek:
    this thread is amazing!!!!
    i dont even know which recipe i want to try first, they all look soooo good!
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    Really glad you guys are stopping in, and enjoying the photos and recipes.. I've been meaning to share some of these here since last summer, it's nice to see that it was worth the wait :)

    Reserved for: "'Potzzas' ie., Canna Pizza"

    On the left; Green Peppers, Onions, Bacon. On the right; Pepperoni, Bacon, Sausage, and Hamburger. Both made with loads of fresh Italian herbs, fresh from the garden.

    (I think that I may have lied, when I said there would be more healthy recipes after post #50 :eek: Soon, I promise!)
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    "Creamy, Chocolate & Almond Hash Ice Cream"

    I definitely lied when I said we were getting healthy :D But it's Valentine's Day tomorrow,
    the perfect excuse to drop the diet for a day :)
    I had to be fast about this, I whipped it up as a quick surprise for my better half...


    Easy, Homemade, Canna Ice Cream.. without using a special ice cream maker.

    For your hash oil, follow the tutorial for the Canna Caps, then use as much as needed.

    You will need:

    - 2 large ziplock bags

    [FONT=&quot]- ½[/FONT] tsp coconut hash oil (It can be made so a bite is a dose, or a bowl.. it's up to you)

    - 1 tsp lecithin

    - egg yolk

    - ¾ cup Cream

    - 2 Tbsp sugar

    - ¼ tsp chocolate or vanilla flavoring (or a flavor of your choice, LorannGourmet is a good brand)

    - ¼ cup almonds

    - Ice

    - 5 Tbsp Rock Salt

    Take one of your ziplock bags, fill it half way with ice, and add your rock salt. Seal and place in the freezer.


    Take ½ cup Cream or Milk, Hash Oil, Sugar, and Lecithin, and heat in a small sauce pot over a medium heat, whisking until homogenized (6 minutes or less). Remove from heat, add your flavoring and egg yolk while whisking, I used Chocolate Hazelnut extract along with cocoa powder, then immediately add the other ¼ cup Cream/Milk and a very small, pinch of salt.
    It's really not that necessary, because your eggs are probably safe, but as a precaution you still want the mixture to be around 160f when you're adding the yolk, and you want to drop the temp quickly with the additional cream, before the yolk has a chance to solidify.

    Once the mixture has cooled enough, give it a final brisk whisking to aerate it, and pour it into your empty ziplock bag, and add your almonds or other nuts and extras.

    Remove the Ice bag from the freezer, and place the second bag within that, force as much air as you can out of both bags, and make sure each is sealed well.

    Gently shake and manipulate the bag for 6 - 8 minutes, and viola... you now have some of the tastiest, Homemade Hash Ice Cream, you'll ever have :)


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  19. Thank you!! Delicious :tasty:

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