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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Coconut Oil infused with canna is not bad tasting at all, i will put some on a slice of bread and just eat it like that. I love the scent, it just smells delicious. Add it to whatever you want or any of the recipes in this whole thread.

    Citric Acid Extraction (from this very thread also)
  2. Can I substitute lemon juice in place of citric acid powder in this recipie?
  3. You should sell those cannabombs to your local dispensaries.
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    Nevermind, found what I was looking for. Thanks Kitty!
  5. hello badkittysmalls I'm planning to make canna caps for recreational purposes. and can i make these caps with iso hash. and how much should iso should i put in the recipe. the hash is gold/brown. and will these caps be strong. because usually edibles don't work out for me. maybe because i never decarbed it. but now I'm going to do it right. i ordered Almond oil , Castor oil , Coconut oil , 00 Gel caps. and how quick do they kick in? and should i eat them on a empty stomach? sorry for the long post... Thanks Kitty

  6. ive had the same question....

    so i just tried it....(in a simple extraction not the recipe)

    it works ok....would have prefered to find citric acid....

  7. How much bud did you use and how high did you get?
  8. just a couple grams of trim....

    and not much at all....either i messed up some how or it doesnt work well...
  9. There was a fairly popular thread on here a little while back, about a 'thirst quencher summer tea', made using only cannabis, and lemon and lime juices, mixed with steeped tea and honey. This may work for some people, but I don't feel it's a very effective method, all on its own.

    For the citric extraction I strongly recommend using not just the concentrated citric acid powder over any diluted juices, but lecithin as well, to help promote bioavailability.
    Lemon juice is only 5% or so citric acid, about the same acidity as common vinegar, so by the time you allow most of the liquid content in the lemon juice to dissipate, you'd be left with only very minimal concentrated citric acid. A teaspoon of citric acid powder, is the equivalent of more than 12 teaspoons of lemon juice, but concentrated and packed into one tiny space. When it is that diluted, it is not very effective. The more concentrated it is, the better.

    Citric acid powder, diluted with just a few drops of water (or better, vinegar or alcohol) can actually burn your fingertips, causing damage to the skin :eek:

    My fingers were a bit raw and tender after spending just a few extra seconds snapping these photos... I really do not recommend touching the stuff at all, until after it is fully prepared, and it's been diluted in a recipe. :)

    I don't think that I've ever made it without using lecithin, according to the few folks who've tried making it both ways, it (lecithin) was the key ingredient that made the difference for them. Which makes sense; even if it breaks down the glandular material effectively, it still needs a 'vehicle' of sorts of aid in cellular permeability. It was a mistake on my part not to include lecithin in the necessary, rather than the 'optional' ingredients list. Without lecithin, you should still have decent effect if it is taken in conjunction with, or mixed with alcohol, to enhance cellular permeability.. the alcohol does not need to behave as a solvent, or be given the time to do so. Same goes for blending with a fatty/oil dish... but adding lecithin powder (about half of which is oil) during the process causing actual liposomal encapsulation, would be much more effective, and would make special requirements during consumption unnecessary.

    It's worth noting the finished product should weigh about the same as all the 'dry' ingredients, prior to adding any liquids. The lecithin and glandular material itself keeps it in a near-liquid-like state, until you manipulate it, and it turns into a putty. I like to let mine dry out 'fully', or until it reaches that stage, then blend in a little water, vinegar, or alcohol (or, depending what I'm doing with it, even oil... this is good for salad dressings and breads, and 'greasing up' the lining of the digestive tissue helps) then I re-seal to keep it a bit more manageable and easier to use. For instance, once you've concentrated it down, if you don't thin it out gradually or a little at a time, before using it in a cold drink, it can remain intact and as a frustrating little 'lump' in the bottom of your beverage. :)

  10. quick question... what is the most concentrated ratio of bho to coco oil u can use?

    lets use 1 gram of bho as an example. whats the smallest amount of coco oil that it can be effectively dissolved in?

    any thoughts on using bho vs. kief or bubblehash? which do u prefer? ive cooked with bubblehash, bho, and iso. one thing i notice is iso and bho dissolve a lil more easily. i kinda think kief would have more of a "full spectrum" of cannabinoids and terpenes tho possibly making it the most effective extract to use for cooking.
  11. Made some canna oil using BadKats instructions. 80g of trim and flowers decarbed then mixed with lecithin and 2 1/3 cups of canola oil. I froze it for 4 hours and set out to thaw before I left for work 8 hours ago. When I get home I'm gonna gently heat and strain, I'll post a pic of the finished product!!!
  12. so for the oil you made on page 22, a good application for the knees, shoulders, or lower back:
    rub it in well, wrap loosely in saran wrap and sit in the recliner with a blanket over the knees for about fifteen minutes?
    or would a heating pad on low work better than the blanket?

    god, with the weather turning cool I'm not too far from taking my cane to certain NC legislators. This is my first fall without self-medication since I got out of the service.
  13. BadKat, I have to give it up to you.

    I'm a long time smoker, long time medible maker and I've never heard of decarbing..

    I harvested recently so I decarbed 15g of sugar leaf and small buds and 6g of medical quality nugs.

    I'm quite experienced with edibles, but wow, these brownies are just great and i believe it's because of the decarbing. The buzz seems to last longer.

  14. Just a note on this...

    Carboxylic acids react with alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyst (heat speeds this up) to form the ester. This isn't a bad thing since it is believed (subjectively of course) that THC ester is more psychoactive than THC. The reaction is reversible as well. I know this isn't what you are referring to but it is worth noting. ;)
    The Power of Acid Catalysis

  15. You need a tv channel where all it does is show episodes of you concocting these recipes.
  16. acid catalyzed esterification? geez, I thought I gave up Fischer esterification when I graduated. *pbbbbt*
  17. hey guys, I've been lurking hard but can't find an answer to my question.. Do you need to decarb vaped bud? I'm making oil tonight with about 5g of vaped
  18. No you don't, though you may have found that out by now.
  19. Hey BadKitty, I've read through all of your posts and they are the most informative on GC :hello:. I saw a quick heatless recipe that just uses lemon extract. You allow your bud/hash to soak in the lemon extract for about a week. Could you possibly confirm this to be valid?

    Thanks. :D
  20. Though not directed at me, I can verify it'd work due to the high proof of lemon extract. It doesn't necessarily require heat, but it'd be ready faster and be more potent if you could get it to and keep it at a stable temperature (168F [75.5C] - 172F [77.7C]) for a while. Any higher and the alcohol will start to boil, which isn't what you want. Search "green dragon" on the forums.

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