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BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by BadKittySmiles, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. much aloha my braddahz from hawaii
  2. hola??? wheres this one at!?!

  3. Lots of places, I got mine at Trader Joe's. gel caps were about $6 for 100 and the lecithin was about $7
  4. Yes, although it depends on where you live and what you consider local. :)

    Besides the net (ebay and amazon, for a few easy starters, then google to find closer/local sources for quicker shipping, and sometimes better prices), you can find all these ingredients locally in different natural/organic health food shops. They usually sell various dried and powdered herbs, and capsules, and dry kits encouraging people to make their own blends, as well as all the oils you'll need.
    Most large chain/pharmacies, and some superstores and a few larger grocery stores will often carry some, if not all your supplies, usually in the health food and supplement or vitamin aisles.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Hey badkat, made the pills as planned, didnt cap them all yet but did justa few to test them out. I took 3 over 2 hours time, and with vaping I felt them, but not enough as I would have hoped. Tried them this mornign like 45 minutes after breakfast, took 2, and didnt feel much at all. Now, I gave a few to two friends, and two got my one friend messed up, and 1 got my other friend high.

    Do I possibly have a problem digesting edibles? Could I try adding different oil sources tomy remaining 11tsp of oil or so and heat it slightly? Or did I not add enough lechitin (I put about 3tsp/13tsp oil). Or is my tolerance due to vaping just high?
  6. Tolerances to edibles I believe are more genetic than anything. I'm in the process of making more edibles to check, but I'm strongly suspecting that I'm resistant to edibles. I know already that I'm resistant to oral painkillers, so one more oral med I'm resistant to would be no surprise.

    Weed is actually one of the first things to give me a good insight into the problem for me. I've always been used to needing to take 2-3x the normal dose of any meds that directly affect people (antibiotics for example are indirect, they act against organisms in the body rather than against the body directly). When I smoked/vape weed, it works great, but when I eat it doesn't help me much. Personally I suspect it has more to do with how(if) the body absorbs those compounds.
  7. Hi Badkat I was wondering if I could pick your brain on a few more basic recipes.
  8. Just a quick hello and Happy 420! :) I'll be back to answer any stray questions soon, sorry if I've missed anything, it's been a very busy few weeks for us.. hopefully, things should be calming down by this summer.

    Hope you guys had a great day :wave:



    Hors d'Å“uvre...

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  9. asian pork and cake?:yummy:
  10. What's your favorite way of making cannabutter. There are tons of different recipes but all vary. Which method do you use?
  11. for sure topped everyones 420 with them nugs...trees!
  12. Ain't it the truth! Edibles aside, DANG MissKitty - those budZ are huge! You're BatGurl that's who you are..... :)
  13. Legend that's all I can & will say :D

  14. i dont have access to those insane ammounts of herb
    any ideas for a small amount of oil recipe
    for one person
    i got a bit of oil maybe 1/3 a cup or less and i dont know what to do with it...
  15. Thanks for the kind words everyone, it was a pretty good day :)

    Are you looking for an easy recipe Rottie, for just a dose or two at a time?

    A single serving (or two) brownie or cookie is fairly easy, we'll be working in teaspoons by the way. Many recipes can be broken down into smaller batches, it's just a matter of getting the ratios correct: A heaping (tea)spoon of flour, two heaping spoons of sugar, a level spoon of cocoa, and a pinch of salt, and baking powder. First blend those dry ingredients, add one egg, a few drops of vanilla, and a spoonful, or few spoons depending on its strength, of your canna/hash oil. Bake at 360 f for 10 minutes, until soft, but baked.
    This can all be done easily in a small cereal bowl, then baked on a cookie pan or sheet of foil, leaving you with a canna brownie cookie (a cookie-shaped brownie). And yes, while it is possible to make a microwave brownie or cookie, I don't recommend it where canna is concerned. Microwaves can, in patches, easily superheat liquids beyond their normal boiling points, which is a good way to degrade, and even destroy your cannabinoids and potency.

    A simple truffle is even easier, no baking or cooking is required once your oil is made: Blend a spoon of your oil, three (tea)spoons of cocoa, a very small splash of milk, and a smaller splash of vanilla. Once this is mixed, blend in six spoons of powdered confectioners sugar. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes, then scrape and shape the 'ganache' (truffle/filling) into a ball, which can be then rolled in powdered sugar, cocoa, nuts or more.

    You now have a truffle or two, the strength and dosage will depend on the strength of your oil. Good luck!
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  17. Subbed for later use ;)
  18. thank you so much for taking the time to type this up, so clearly and easily understandable..

    i got the cocoa, milk, and vanilla extract (is that the same)
    and the powdered confections sugar, ive never heard of it, im not much of a cook, yet
    doh i am learning slowly , can i just sub it for regular sugar i got
    or is it a big difference and worth doing it like that,
    also i got dont if i got the baking powder gotta check it out

    also the oil i make i do it like that
    few g's chopped up and covered in oil in a muffin pan, and put in a preheated oven at 325 for 30 mins
    i mixed it with icecream and it was very effective, but it tasted really bad, so im trying to find something much less gag inducing

    i will try this, ive been looking for a long time for something like this,
    once again thank you for taking the time to type it up
    i appreciate it
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    I'm curious as to what the effects of that topical spray are. Whats it like badkitty?

    PS. When are you going to post your "Sausage Cheese Bread, w/ Pepperoni & herbs" and "Instant 'Herbal' Iced Coffee" recipes? Ive been excited for them since you posted those pics :D
  20. okay so i carefully read everyone of your posts and saw that there was an allusion that this oil process could be done with animal proteins.

    i am a chef and self proclaimed chemistry nerd so i enjoyed every charter you have typed and also very much enjoy your openness to the forum.

    so question would there be any difference if i made the coconut oil (perfectionist method) with immaculately strained bacon grease in some part or subbed for the coconut oil portion?

    in case you not with me crispy canna bacon

    but it could also be added to chocolate edibles for a sinful bacon chocolate combo

    i am thinking also Elvis cana bombs (chocolate, bacon, banana and peanut butter)

    last thing i wouldn't mind (respectfully of course) throwing the gauntlet down for ultimate concept canna desert idea

    (i hope to encourage other people on the forum to throw some ideas out there, so that you might also benefit from this conversation) THANKYOU

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