Baddest thing you have ever done?

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    Whats the baddest thing youve done?long story short i set a dry cornfield on fire maybe ill post the story later its pretty crazy I also stole some kids regent exam once and flushed it down the toilet hahaSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Are we like... just giving a time period?
  3. [quote name="Some Asian Toker" post="19393011" timestamp="1390505512"]Are we like... just giving a time period?[/quote]Haha i edited it my finger slipped to the submit buttonSent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
    Haha I gotchu, I was like "wait, what?" ... Baddest thing I ever did was steal from the cookie jar. I was hard as fuck back in the day.
    Just kidding. I think the baddest thing I've ever brought myself to do was steal someone's weed out of their backpack in high school. He had showed me his stash -- I believe it was 7 g's when I weighed it, although he said 9 g's. He went to the bathroom and I sort of just took it as a joke. I was going to give it back, but he never asked. And since he never asked, I also forgot due to being high.
    I never actually told him it was me. The guy told so many people in school he didn't know who to blame either.
  5. When I was younger I used to do the stupidest things,I remmeber in highschool I gave this girl a concussion.It's a two story highschool,my friends were like hey you should throw that trash bin off the balcony.It was wide and probably medium sized I lifted it up and then just threw it down and before I knew it some chick was laid out on the ground.
  6. stole a scooter when i was young (and dumb) got in a lot of trouble as it turned out the scooter belonged to the daughter of a man you didn't want to fuck with. good times.
  7. caught a rattle snake and put it in a guys mailbox because he owed me money and wouldn't pay me
  8. When I was about 6-7,y friend and I did some real fun stuff Hha. I remember it when are development was still building houses and Ya know those trailers where the planners have all there shit or whatever? They were leaning windows to a new house next to the trailer and when no one was there, we threw a bunch of rocks at them and smashed them haha. We never kneww what was right or wrong to do at that age, Haha. We also would trash a golf course next to his house smashing bottles and tipping golf carts. I also have broken my other friends arm. He was standing in the swing and I'm like get off and pushed the swing and he felll of and a rock and broke it Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. I've cussed out my parents before which isn't anything to brag about...
  10. I killed 2 bunnies.... they were suffering I was young and this day it still hunts me...😨Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. Young Dexter
  12. Beaned a girl during my first year of pitch baseball. Chugged a can of corn because, booze. Taped a beaver shot to a buddies back bumper and he almost got assaulted by some lady in a minivan because she was so offended.
  13. haha raccoons ate there faces and were still barely alive and suffering bad so I had to do it...Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  14. I hope you haven't told anyone else this if you were to tell me this in real life I'd think you were a maniac or something
  15. [quote name="Skywalker298" post="19394911" timestamp="1390527064"]I hope you haven't told anyone else this if you were to tell me this in real life I'd think you were a maniac or something[/quote]yea it was pretty bad...Sent from my SPH-L720 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  16. I killed a man just to watch him die..
  17. Vandalism flooded a school gym when I was way young. Otherwise baddest thing I have done to myself would be drugs. Oh I also found a file on a local business network and it had about 600 employees SSN, name, address, DOB, etc. on it and I sold it. That was in the beginning of my computer degree. Was doing penetration testing unsanctioned. The past 6 years though I have been an angel.
  18. I saw where you left the body and brought it home to practice my taxidermy.
    I'm the one that stole that taxidermy from you and began to fondle it every night before bed time.
  20. I was done with it any way. If you need some restitching just let me know! Lol

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