Baddddd boy bad

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gumby, Nov 21, 2002.

  1. I couldn't take it any more.
    The last time I had a joint was maybe 4 weeks ago. It was something I grew on windows still and was pretty good but hat is gone.
    I took a tour of the picture vault here and wanted a joint so...
    I had some of my grow that apparently got burnt from too close i trimed it off...only green leafs and did a quick dry.

    Set oven to 300-400 when it gets there turn off the power place some grass in glass bowel..takes about 5 minutes to dry..
    Sad excuse for joint huh???

    They grow so slowwwwwwww.....LOL

    By the way..I can't buy any smoke...cause no one would sell me any and I don't know anyone who would.
    I look like Det. Jones. 50 years plus...

    Funny thing is my kids keep saying to me..What is that smell......
    I took over one of the bathrooms in part of house, looks like a scene from Tarzan in there..

  2. I feel for ya brother. My next bowl will be smoked for you! Hope that your babies turn out okay!
  3. yeah, you sound really desperate, but drying them in the oven, could have them lose there potency, instead of hanging them upside down. Is that what you meant when you said you were using your oven?
  4. I agree with ganjaguy, you will lose some potency drying them in the oven. But when you're desperate for a buzz, what can ya do? :)
  5. Welp i took the plunge and set one of my plants to flowering.
    Is there any special music they like or just the radios will do?
    I guess I'm 4-6 weeks from a toke.
  6. I've heard that classical music is good, but I can't verify that.
  7. 4-6 weeks ...what strain are you growing....most plants are over 8 weeks to flower properly....i know that early girl can do it in 6 or something, but 4?.......Peace out...Sid

  8. Oh that was a guess..The longer the better in some ways.. Ok I will set my "second" hand to 8 weeks and counting..

  9. I am growing a real mixed bag...all of it from smoke of the past..some was so called thai-stick It was very very good and some seeds were 20 years old...anybodies guess..all the plants do look rather differnet from each other. I can spread them out for a family shot..only 8 plants
  10. right on my man keep it growing keep it toking for us more as they say mature smokers glory rose!!!!! glory rose!!!!!
  11. Post some pics of your babies if ya can.

  12. Some pictures..

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  13. picture

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  14. Picture

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  15. Yet another picture

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  16. LAst one for now

    This one is a hope and a prayer that it will wake up again. i had cut the top off last week.

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  17. I think I have figured out how to tell M/F
    What do we do with the Males??
    I assume they won't get as many buds ..right?
    Should I pluck them?
  18. they won't get any buds, and will seed your females, just pull them, i always smoke the pollen sacks.
  19. Lookin' good buddy!! Have a safe happy grow!!
  20. Any guesses as to what i am growing?

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