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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuD_LiFe, May 31, 2009.

  1. Well, recently I purchased some herb from a contact yeterday, and this morning we went to a feild next to some railroad tracks armed w/ the essentials, including a home-made bong. so I only had three hits, as we were gonna go to hte pool but I held them in for a long time. well, after that, my friends started running so we could get there faster down the railroad tracks, but it didnt look like they were moving, and then I felt like I wasnt in my body and like I was a puppet and I lost control of my senses, and then I think my friends started messin w/ me and I was like freakin out on everyne...and I thought all of them werre hallucinations....and yeah thats some of what I remember...Im wondering, (and I do know its rare) was that shit laiced, b/c I was trippin balls...
  2. You were just trippin balls, and really high most likely
  3. Yeah I put some crazy shit in it.

    Nice tags.
  4. I ended a 20 day t-break with a couple of kif bowls...I know. :hippie: You were just high as a mofo. :D
  5. I toked up some no-name dank before my Biology final friday, and I was fucking seeing shit in the carpeting in the room while I was taking the test. Like crazy ass creatures and shit, o and I did really good on my final. You were just high as fuck dude, just chill out and remember it's just in your head and enjoy that shit because you don't get that high too many times.
  6. haha yeah, I found out that I smoked dank for the first y'all were right. I was just used to smoking dirt poor kush.
  7. there you go! welcome to the world of dank. You will soon grow to like it ALOT :D
  8. Why does everyone think there shit is laced? Low tolerance doesn't equal laced with something else! O well, maybe someday people will learn.
  9. Completely agree. Users that have a low tolerance think it is laced. How about it might be just some good weed?! The potency fo they new weed out there now adays it very HIGH!:smoke:
  10. I cant wait till the day I get my hands on some dank.... All I can get around here is this seedy ass almost brown bud thats full of stems and is compressed so tight you would think its a brick. I mean it does the job but the only thing I see when I smoke it is more bowls being loaded so we can get high...
  11. you were just baked

  12. it's because he is an "apprentice toker" and likely a noob to this site. it's not his fault if he thinks it was laced.
  13. Why does everyone think their weed were laced? You were just high.
  14. If I smoked some really good dank without being experienced I'd think it was laced too haha, but oh well, mistakes are made, lessons are learned.

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