Baddd Highss.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jojo1051, May 20, 2013.

  1. so , me and my friend was smoking and i dont know what happend but. i blacked out and he said i got up and fell on him .  he said i looked up and my eyes were going up in my head, he got up to leave and he said i chased him out the house and tried to push him down the stairs . after that he said i went to my room and i remember feeling like im in a endless fall and i  felt like i kept doing the same thing over and over again . after i came back and i start talking to him cause my room was really messy , and i felt like i was speaking like a robot and i couldnt help it and he said i also sounded weird. anyone know if thats normal ? "/ btw. we were only on the second blunt 

  2. yep sounds totally normal to me
  3. Something similar happened to my buddy after a massive sesh when he was just starting out. Are you new to smoking bud??
  4. yea, kinda new .  i smoked on and off. really wasn't a everyday thing
  5. I quite honestly cant tell you why it happens. Sorry. But, everyone's brains are wired differently. Just don't smoke so much. Take it a little easier. If you react like this again to a smaller amount of weed, you should probably just stop smoking all together though. 

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