Badass Stashbox for my pieces

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by TheMagicClover, May 24, 2010.

  1. Everything fits so perfectly and it locks too...outta herb and still workin on my collection so it's still not full


  2. Thats Badass Bro!! Get that through airport security or something and i'll be impressed
  3. That's fucking awesome.
    What was that orginally used for?

  4. haha fuck if I know my boss gave it to me :smoke:
  5. Got the same rolling papers. They burn quick, right? Paid a $1 for those POS.

    Good one on the box.
  6. Not too bad I always put 2 together an lick em' lightly after it's rolled...they're worth 1$ tho
  7. What's the old saying about putting all of your eggs in one basket?
  8. thats a ladies tackle box also known as a make-up box.;)

    ive seen them in beauty supply stores. lots of different sizes too.:smoke:
  9. im assuming your a girl?

    nice box though :D
  10. my wang says different.:p

    gotta take care of the long hippie hair.:smoke:
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    That's sick! Me like.

    I prefer the one-basket approach. I only have one thing to hide when unexpected guests show up.
  12. Awesome box maing!
    Really convenient and looks very sophisticated!

    I have a custom teak storage box but it doesn't have all those awesome compartments yours does.

    Great stuff! Get your name engraved in it.

  13. ^Might do that when i get to a friendlier state...thanks for all the love it's a sweet ass box and the dividers are adjustable

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