Badass dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by StonerKangaroo, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So I got this new dealer Joe, nbd he's got good bud, but this dude is crazy. He does daredevil motorcross. I've seen him wreck and do flips over cars and shit, its out of control.
  2. Maybe you should have a back up connect for when an *clears throat* accident happens. Seems awesome though!
  3. It seems like he'd be a cool character for a movie.

    The Weed Demon - "Most daredevils live for speed... but this Spring 2013, one man... one daredevil... one dealer... will live for weed."
  4. "The Weed Demon" I would definitely check that out. He's totally ghetto as well.
  5. Haha tell us a story about him.
  6. I've seen this guy jump a bus longways down at the drag strip. He comes in and the crowd went wild, nobody expected him to have long dreads when he removed his helmet ha ha.
  7. cool story bro

  8. Yes, yes it is a cool story. Your avatar and your username on the other hand are not cool. Fuck you.:)
  9. don't be an el carte cavrone el chapo senor.

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