bad wilting after a move

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  1. I happened to find two really nice plants in front of my house today and i grow so i dug them up, leaving plenty of dirt around the roots, drove them to the house i grow them in, put the smaller one in hydro and tried to put the bigger one in dirt. They were both really wilted by the time i planted them, but the hydro one is back to its original perkiness. How can i help the big wilty one? It must be at least a month old and 1.5 feet tall, but all of the leaves are limping down and it seems to be struggling. Help me fellow stoners!!
  2. If the one in dirt is wilting make sure you water it sufficiently with drain holes at the bottom of the pot. Anytime you transplant you want to get the entire root ball wet when it gets its new soil or pot. When transplanting you want to kind of over water it, not a lot but more than usual. It also may just need to get used to the new spot. try spraying the plant with a water bottle every morning to stimulate it. If you can put it in direct natural sunlight for a few hours. If this does not work, were gonna have to shock 'em.....CLEAR!
  3. The pot it was in had virtually no drainage.. Its probably pretty stressful too.
    Put the big one in a new pot so hopefully itll be easy smoking soon!!
  4. Anytime you transplant there is some shock to the plant. It sounds like this one was a pretty substantial move, being uprooted and moved from one location to another. I would just make sure you give it the proper love for a few days and you should see an improvement. DON'T over water to compensate! Time and patiance is your friend on this one.

  5. Wilting sounds like water issues. Soil is tricky like that. Since the top of the soil can feel dry, but the inside of the soil can be damp enough, you need to make sure you have drainage at the bottom.

    WAter reguarly and wait until the soil is dried out at the top.

    YOu don't want to overwater though, which is usually the problem. not too much, not too little.

    good luck!!!
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    Not sure if this will help you or not, but I have noticed that my plant seems to respond when I do this.

    Foliar feed with plain water in a spray bottle that will produce a fine mist.

    Wash your hands good before you do this.....start near the bottom of the plant....gently hold the bigger fan leaves so you can see the underside and lightly spray it. Do this with each leaf....and then as it starts getting wet....kinda take your hand and you can gently close your hand around the stem and gently move your hand up near the top of the plant.

    (you know how to basically tear leaves off a plant by going from the top....and gripping it tight and then moving down the tears the leaves off. You want to do the opposite).

    What I have noticed with mine when I do this....the leaves are stimulated and reach for the sky.

    You don't want to close your hand too tight though. Maybe just to be safe....hold both of your hands around the stem and make a big "O" shape. Then gently move your hands up near the top and it should gently make your leaves go up. Spray the plant lightly while you do this.

    I hope this helps you, this is what I notice with my plant when I foliar feed.

    However my plant is not wilted before I try this. I just noticed it reacts to the stimulation so maybe it will help?

    Good luck with it.


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