Bad week already

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by lawnman56, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. So Sunday I was cleaning my illadelph, and dropped the stem in the sink. It fell about 4 inches and broke clean across the weld. I was super pissed, but ended up being able to get a new one same day, and smoke it later that night. Then yesterday I went to get it out of its box and about a quarter of the foot is broken clean off and shattered into 4 pieces. FUCK!!!!!!!!! Anyone know of a glass blower near Reading PA? Also, does anyone know how they repair it? Because I would like to have some extra thickness to the base if possible. Illadelphs are super thin.
  2. If its a real illi they tend to be pretty sturdy and thick!
    Not sure of a place near you, but you can call/email kind-creations and they do repairs!
  3. I hope they aren't making fake illadelph's now. If you paid a lot for your tube and you're willing to pay enough to preserve it you can check with stoneglassworks to see if it can be repaired. I'm sure there are a few threads showing some amazing revivals by SGW
  4. I've heard on more than 1 occasion that Illy's bases are stupid thin. So thats not surprise that it broke.

    But that sucks, talk about bad luck.

    Hope you get something worked out.
  5. Looks like I will be sending it to Kind creations. They said they remove the old foot and put on a new piece up to 9mm, now that would be a serious improvement for an illy!!! Oh, and yes, It is real.

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