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Bad weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by haweswater, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. This is "purple kush" and it's very dry weed but gets you high as hell. It also has all these white specks all over it wondering if these are tricromes or any of you experienced they look almost solid white in the pictures seems odd to me

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  2. It is the dreaded WTF!
    Send it to me for immediate analysis.
    123 Tee Jay Lane
    Anytown USA 5551212
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  3. What does this mean?
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  4. He means it looks good! Looks good btw, I wud def try as well, haha.

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  5. that weed looks completely fine. i see no white specs or anything i would be concerned about. if it's to dry for you then you can buy some humidity packs Boveda is the brand i like.

    also hes jokingly saying to send him your weed so he can "test" it
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  6. Yeah I got his sarcasm in the last part but I was originally asked about the white so was confused if dreaded mean't something else. It smokes really good barely need any but it's almost creeper it takes a few minutes. Thanks for the Boveda tip I wasn't aware this was a thing.

  7. Looks like some fire to me bruh smoke it up :smoking:
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  8. I think someone salted your cannabis. I can dispose of it for you. I'll PM my address.
    Nah, mate, it looks fine! Enjoy!

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