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Discussion in 'General' started by Swine, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. Ok, OK, so im new. I tried first time last week. I dont know what was up, but the effects i got were not what i hear of...good feelings and all. I felt like shit. Everything was slightly blurry, stuff didnt seem real. Moving my head, everything looked odd when it moved. It was pure hell. After a few min my heart started beating damn fast, about 140 a min. I thought id have to endure hours of this hell. then i began to think it was laced with something...but lacing makes it more xpensive and this weed was normal price. What was up? Was it just me being a paranoid dumbass?
  2. My first time was like that you get used to it dont worry... it could have been laced... do you trust yur dealer? nevermind but just remember it only gets better....:smoking:
  3. many people dont have positive experiences, or even feel much of a 'high' their first time- it sounds like maybe you were just nervous, and not used to being in an altered state.. things (the world in general, actually) are going to seem wierd at first, but its just part of the high, and nothing to worry about. if you get nervous, just remember that its only a drug and what youre feeling is perfectly normal.. and just try to relax and enjoy it for what it is. also, how much did you smoke? i find that my heart tends to race like hell, and i generally dont have a great time if i smoke too much at once. maybe next time try wading, instead of jumping in, so to speak.. roll a pinner joint or load up a small bowl, and just slowly take tokes nutil you start to feel it.. and keep on going until you feel fiiiine... :D
  4. oh, and uhh.. dont mind my sig :D
  5. thanks guys, keep the comments coming. what should i do when im high? watch tv while sipping some juice?
  6. just have something to eat and relax.. once youre high, youll probably want to do something different than what you want to do sober.. i personally hate tv high, but thats just me.. lie down, do some cooking (nachos with some good guacamole are sweet), or even just go on the net.. pretty much everything is gonna be enjoyable if you have the right mindset
  7. thank you all. I just took your advice, weened on to it, got kinda baked, watched tv while sipping propel. It was scary at first, but overall good. Im still kinda high, im gonna go get some cereal...been burping alot since i smoked and im hugray =)
  8. another satisfied customer.....lmao

    glad you had a good experiance
  9. And he has became a stoner. bwahaha. Seriously though its always kinda cool to see someone 'find' and try the ganja on there own. =)

    keep tokin

  10. It's funny how different people are affected (sp?) by weed when they FIRST smoke but the effects are pretty much the same after the first COUPLE of times... I mean- why do you think some have different first experiences of weed?

    I have never had any effects different to the first time I smoked. It's allways the same. But my someone I was talking to once did once smoke weed for a while and at first it had NO effect on them... Why does it take so much time for the weed to become active. I wonder........

    Ah well who cares- as long as some people can enjoy the herb...
  11. I remember the first time I got high, and man was I high. You really just gotta relax and if shit gets too scary, just remember it's all in your head. It's kinda odd now, im used to being high. A good thing to do when your real blazed is watch a movie.

  12. Damn, son you got FUCKED up! That never happened to me my first time. The worst effects ever I had from weed is throwing up, and that was after my high.

  13. Iv'e been smoking for years and the only time I have been sick is when i drank alcohol and smoked.
    Ive been so tore up that i could not pick myself up though.
  14. When i first started smoking my friend hooked me up with what he said was northern lights, about three hits later i was spinning around the room crying and screaming. my mind could not think a complete sentence out, i kept losing consioucness and it was horrible until i passed out and woke up four hours later. that my friend was laced, just be careful
  15. only thing I can think of is if your dealer or whoever got you high put a lil sumthing sumthin extra into your bowl, or if you took like 10 fatty hits for your first time then, yea you would get pretty blazed.

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