bad vape under $200

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  1. the extreme q 4.0 is your best bet
  2. That is the best bag under 200.
  3. ^ Yep, what he said. You're only other option at that price point is the Herbal Aire, which is also a decent unit, but I prefer the EQ.
  4. thanks guys im a little worried if itll be covered by manufacture warranty or not ? (Cuz its through ebay)

    also is this unit pretty easy to use bag or whip wise? like how easy is it to mess things up?

  5. thanks for this link, yeah i found an email address for arizer so im gonna ask them if its an authorized reseller or not
  6. good thinkin and no problem. warranty wasnt a real issue for me i just thought hey they dont warranty glass so whatver but i could see why you may want it if its being shipped never know how the package was handled

  7. yeah i know none of em will warranty glass i just want to keep that lifetime heater warranty and 3 yr on the electronic and other parts (nonglass)
  8. If you are worried about the warranty, just purchase the item on amazon for $9 more. I purchased mine on amazon and already had to contact the seller for a warranty replacement power supply. Warranty replacement was shipped over night.
  9. i got mine on amazon for 186 shipped and it only took 2 days to get it. best investment i have made on a vaporizer. i had a MFLB and new i wanted a new unit for the home and was going to go with da buddah or the silver surfer, but decided on this because it had the bag and whip and got great reviews. trust me you will not be disappointed at all. i try to let everyone i cant hit it and so far i have had nothing but happy friends. i know 2 who are about to order their own.
  10. i agreed :smoke: it conserves bud for me like i cant even believe i couldnt be more happy with it i too got it because it did both whip and bag but i read about it first to make sure it had good reviews and they are great reviews so i bought it and no i question every smoking any other way some times glad i got it but i know people that like SSV , or PD , HA better its just what suits you

  11. are you referring to this one : [ame=] NEW Arizer V Tower EXTREME Vaporizer ~ SALE!!! CHEAP!!!: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    im not ure if its the 2011 model, id like to get the 2011 and get it shipped straight from amazon
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    you want the Extreme Q Version 4 2011
    edit : thats the newest version so i couldnt say exact price. i have version 3 both function the same. the extreme tower v is the model that louder and its older i wouldnt get that one i would go with the EQ

  13. im looking on amazon andi dont actually see any that are marked 2011
  14. anything with EQ v4 would be correct, v3 may be cheaper since its just made a year before no changes but totally up to you
  15. Title made me lol. There are a fair amount of bad vapes for under $200!
  16. sweet blog love dub step
  17. also a dubstep fan.

    its weird because there are ones labelled 2010 v4

    is that the most current to do v4 that was produced in 2010 or is there a 2011 version?
  18. there is yes but its no different just produced a few months later so its new yes but nothing different functionally

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