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Bad Unflushed Weed? Hurts Chest

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elongated, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Hello!
    I'm new to smoking weed, but I got hold of some and I take small hits from my bong and it hurts, like really bad. It's an intense burning in my chest it does subside over time, but it takes a while.
    It's bad enough for me to not want to get any higher because of the burning in my chest, which is a annoying.
    Now I know this weed wasn't flushed at all, when it was hung up to dry it was only there for 2 days, and before it was actually left to dry they cut all the leaves off and trimmed it first as well as not being cured.
    Now I was wondering if the burning in my chest could be because of the nute left overs not being flushed from the bud, or the drying process being so rushed, and the weed is bone dry when I smoke it.
    Any ideas on what could be causing the burning guys? Or is it completely normal and I'm over reacting?
    It also burns coal black.
    Thanks! :bongin:  :wacko:

  2. If it burns black that is a bad sign, you're right probaby not flushed. Does it crackle when you ignite it?
    I've never tried it but maybe you could look into water curing, I think that might help
    I think so, it doesn't burn like tobacco, it's as black as... well, it's pitch black. But could that the be the burning sensation?
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    I had a batch of unflushed one time and it sucked, I didn't get chest burning but it was extra harsh in my throat. I ended up only smoking like 2 bowls of it and then just making it into butter because of how harsh it smoked.
    Remember, if it burns white it's alright lol
  5. I was going to try cooking something with it, like brownies or whatever, but I'm new to cannabis use and I hear that the cooked stuff is really intense and scary.
  6. Only if you eat too much at once. Make a batch of brownies and just have a small piece to experiment, remember it takes awhile to come on so don't make the mistake of eating a bunch because you think it isn't working.
    Go for it though, I think you'll like it
  7. Leave it in a mason jar for a couple days maybe? That's handles my harsh bud situation before, although, I think I just had a cold or something in my throat to be honest.
  8. Yeah I've got some weed like that right now.  Thankfully I only bought 1.5 Gs of it.  I smoked a bowl of it one morning and the rest of the day my throat was sore.  I wasn't happy to say the least.  I don't wanna throw it out so I just vape it.  It's not as harsh and it tastes a lot better. 
  9. If it crackles and the ash is black then it wasn't flushed. You can do a water cure on it and it will take out all that bad shit.
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    G'day elongated,
    I'm with GanjFarmer,
    a nice quick water cure would be the only way to go, other than the trash.
    Putting it in a jar is not going to extract the chemicals from your weed in any way, it's not damp it's unflushed to the shithouse by the sounds of it.
    No point wasting you're valuable lungs, if your smoking journey has just begun trust me you'll want those things ;)
    I wouldn't recommend making canna butter without prior water curing either, I'm sure digesting (excuse my french) fuck knows what wouldn't be too good for along with smoking it..
    Happy smoking brother, 
    Clouds :bongin:
  11. I'm not sure what a water cure is for bud thats been cut and partially dried. I do know that if it wasn't flushed of all the fertilizers then that's your problem and that's what your smoking.  I have very little growing experience but I'm positive that if the plants don't get two weeks of plain water at the end of the grow cycle then you get chemicals in your bud.
    and on that note...what is water curing for bud thats been trimmed?
  12. The only time I flushed weed was when the cops were banging at my door with a search warrant.
  13. Don't think he meant that kind of flush... :rolleyes:
  14. Doing a water cure is very simple. You will need a wide mouthed jar, a small jar lid that will fit into your jar, a few marbles or clean pebbles and water! Put your pot in the jar, then place the little jar lid upside down on your pot. Put your marbles in the jar lid to weight the pot down. Add water and let sit overnight. Carefully pour off the now greenish water the next morning and replace with new water and let it sit overnight. Repeat until the water is clear. 
    Then when the water is clear enough for your liking, you spread your pot out to dry- a fan helps, or put it up high to take advantage of the fact that heat rises.  Once it is dry, you will be left with some UGLY-LOOKING, but VERY smooth smoking pot! Since THC does NOT dissolve in water, the potency will be unaffected, but all the water soluble ferts and such will go down the drain!
  15. Flushing is really only needed if the grower was overfeeding the plant in my experience. Most likely the harsh taste is from chlorophyll due to the bud not being trimmed, dried, and cured properly. The whole Burns black thing does not garauntee that the weed was flushed or not. You can try curing longer, or water curing but chances are with regular curing it will taste horrible for a while.
  16. This won't make it grow any mold though right? 
  17. Damp pot will get moldy, but submerged pot, along with changing the water daily are not conducive to mold! When you dry it, like I said a fan or put it up high to dry!
  18. Thanks guys, you were all really helpful, but I gave it to a friend for free.
    Maybe I should have logged back in first so I could fix it myself, but can't change the past.
    Really, thanks for the help.
    :hello:  :hello:
  19. what is that "friend" gonna do with it?? It's still shit weed...does he/she know that? Did you give away shit to a shit friend?
  20. I mentioned it to him, he's new like me, he asked about it and I told him why I didn't want it and he said he'll have it if I no longer do.
    I did warn him, but I couldn't just say "No, you're not having it, I'm throwing it out."  :confused_2:

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