Bad trips!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by StonedWolf, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Bad trips suck. Yeah everyone has had them once or twice, smoking something laced or just feelig funny. Please post yours, here is mine.

    One day we decided to smoke, as usual. except we smoked some super-weed. Some rare form of skunk or some shit, and i thought it was laced, but my friend assured me it was not. so we are sitting behind the train tracks, and smoked the J. We went over to walgreens, and i walked in, and smack dab in front of us, was a cop. In the middle of buying a drink, i became paranoid. I went home, and tried to calm down. It ended in me passing out in the basement for reasons unknown. Weird.
  2. ok, me and my freinds never used to smoke cigs, but than our friend told us if intese ifyes the high, so we tryed it, I got so sick I was puken I could stand up, I was constently dizzy it sucked, I would go into detail but I"m to stoned to
  3. obliv.. u were in the service? i could never resist a man in a uniform..JOHN TRAVOLTA my hunk of burnin love oooop sry a little off track here, uh nope never had a bad trip lol
  4. i've never had a "bad trip" but i certainly have had trips that had "bad" parts to them. ... i'm talking shrooms here. but then its part of what you're throwing yourself into. ya gotta take the rough with the smooth.
  5. Bad trips suck. I only had one, I smoked some hydro and then I went to sleep a hour later. I had some strangeass dreams, something was chasin me and i kept wakin up whenever it almost touched me. I only got about 2 hours of sleep that night. My eyes were all red the next morning and people kept askin me if I was high. I didn't toke for about 2 weeks after that but everything's been cool since then.

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