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Discussion in 'General' started by KingsBlend, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. I am so having a bad trip on shrooms, does anyone know how to make it better?
  2. just wait it out man, thats the best i can tell you. its just something you ate.

    if you can post a message on a forum, you arent having that bad of a trip, so put on a good movie/interesting tv, and forget about it.

    have a good night bud.
  3. thanks man, i send some good karma your way.

    hahaha, go listen to sigur ros man, that'll change your whole trip around.
  5. how ignorant is that? i was having my first sour experience on shrooms and i came here for help. i was tumbling and spinnin but i was still able to coherently type, it just toook me forever to get a paragraph out.
  6. Hehe really? I tryed posting when I was having a good trip once and it was rough, pretty sure it never even got posted.

    If your starting to have a bad trip try putting on some relaxing mellow music and think happy thoughts thats what I always did its brought me back from the brink of going into a bad trip.

    Good luck to you I hope you dont really have a bad trip they suck big turn off to tripping Just dont think about it going bad.
  7. the ultimate remedy for a sour trip. (requires a good friend)

    my friend saw me curled in a little ball not having fun, so he threw me in the car and down the highway we went. the wind blowing on your face with upbeat music made me a lot happier. a joint of schwag (dank might make you more sour) also helps, i just like the act of smoking. man he saved my trip that night.

  8. HIGH All, I agree^^^I bet if I was there you wouldn't be having a bad'd be telling these guys to get him to stop..because your sides are spliting from laughing to much.

  9. Yeah... at your FACE!

    NB: To all those who may now try to accuse me of being a troll. I'm in a stupid mood and I'm joking. Unoit probably knows this. Add to that the fact that I have the HUGEST respect for billygoats everywhere and they may pass over MY bridge any time they want and you will see that there is no trollery here. Everybody SMILE!!!

    Oh and to the original poster. Yeah just go on the internet and search for pandas. They have helped me through many a bad time (not just on drugs). I love pandas. If it gets WAY too intense though I've heard that orange juice helps a lot (my guess is that it makes you EVER so slightly acidotic- this means your urine is acidic and hence as psylocibin seems to be excreted that way... something something something... shit I really can't remember my pharmacokenetics very well at all nowdays...) Uh yeah eating also helps bring you down- which I found out the third time I did mushrooms... but it tasted wierd...
  10. BUMP!!!

    listen to music that'll mayke ya jolly!

    ...come on guys. don't be mad.:mad: hahahahah
  11. Change of scenery will help. Take a walk, that's what I did when I was having a terrible trip on shrooms. Helped me.

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